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Ho Ho Ho! Merry Patchstravaganza!

By The ITS Crew

Santa Patches

Nobody’s walking out on this fun, old-fashioned family Christmas. No, no. We’re all in this together.” These famous words by Clark W. Griswold Jr. couldn’t ring more true. We wanted to come up with a way to thank every one of you for your support this year and get you something real nice.

Every ITS Store order for the next 12 days will get a free morale patch that we’ll select that day and include with your order. Every day will be different and you won’t know which patch is next, so you’ll have to check back and see what awesomeness awaits! We’ll update this post each day, as well as announce on Social Media what the patch-of-the-day is. To kick things off (and because we didn’t get a chance to ship on Friday the 6th due to ice in D/FW) we’re including the first day’s patch in every order placed from Friday, December 6th to Sunday, December 8th.

It’s also worth noting that there’s no minimum to order. Any and every order placed will get the free patch-of-the-day, but your order must be placed before 11:59 PM EST the day of the corresponding free patch listed below.

12/8/13: American Flag Morale Patch

American Flag Morale Patch

12/9/13: Calico Jack PVC Morale Patch

Calico Jack PVC Morale Patch

12/10/13: Frankenstein Morale Patch

Frankenstein Morale Patch

12/11/13: Friday The 13th Morale Patch

Friday The 13th Morale Patch

12/12/13: Tan/Grey Mini PVC Logo Morale Patch

Tan/Grey Mini PVC Logo Patch

12/13/13: Grab Your Helmet Morale Patch

Grab Your Helmet Morale Patch

12/14/13: You Never Go Full Retard Morale Patch

You Never Go Full Retard Patch

12/15/13: Pint Glass PVC Morale Patch

PVC Pint Glass Morale Patch

12/16/13: St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock PVC Morale Patch

Shamrock PVC Patch

12/17/13: Sons of Liberty Flag Coyote PVC Morale Patch

Sons of Liberty PVC Morale Patch

12/18/13: Sons of Liberty Flag MultiCam PVC Morale Patch

Sons of Liberty MultiCam PVC Morale Patch

12/19/13: Sons of Liberty Flag Red/White PVC Morale Patch

Sons of Liberty PVC Morale Patch

Fine Print: To get the free morale patch of the day, your order must be placed before 11:59 PM EST the day of the corresponding free patch.

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