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GunPal Removed as Plank Owner Option

By The ITS Crew

gunpalWell, I guess we can say it was fun while it lasted… But it wasn’t.

GunPal has seriously screwed over a few of our members who have used the service to sign up for our Plank Owner Membership. Needless to say we won’t be using them again.

While it may be a great alternative to PayPal’s anti-gun policies, they need to take a serious look under the hood and make sure everything is working right.

If you’ve paid via GunPal and have not received an email from us, please email us as you’re payment is not showing up.

We’re sorry for the trouble that those of you that have used it have had, and we’re going to make it right, regardless of what it takes.

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  • Hello Admin, please contact me with whatever problems you have been having, and I will personally see that they are resolved. GUNPAL wants your business.

    • Ben,

      Thank you for contacting us. Email sent.


    • I purchased from BKIndustries, have yet to receive anything, but have been updated fairly regularly. The story seems to be that GunPal is withholding payment to the BKIndustries folks, which can not ship the product without payment. It seems that this is very bad as a business practice. Please let me know if the story is correct or not.

    • Ben,

      If you work for GunPal, can you help me find my money? It has been lost in a transfer from Gunpal to my bank account. Email me

  • So did Ben sort things out? I have considered taking GunPal on my site and would like to know if the problems were resolved to ITS’s satisfaction.

    • Jack,

      Ben was a great help, but it seems we’ve found a glitch in their system and they’re sorting it out. We plan to ensure its stability before we make the decision on whether to accept it as a method of payment again.

      ~ Bryan

  • Ian

    If I was ITS I might rethink Gun-pal seeing as how Ben Cannon just got arrested I believe on Sat for impersonation of a LEO.

    • Mike

      Well Ian, since you decided to sling mud, are you going to do the right thing and come back to rescind your comment?

      [Ben Cannon was released after the keystone kops that arrested him figured out he was 100 miles away, with GPS mapping and signed credit card receipts to prove it.]

    • Ian

      Actually Mike,
      Yes I would like to publicly apologize for my comments. I was actually just reading on a forum that the charges against Mr. Cannon were dropped.

  • thebronze

    The charges against Ben Cannon were dismissed.

    They were bogus from the beginning.

  • zuma

    Has GunPal fixed your problems yet? You’re not the first person that’s had problems with them. With a financial service you want it to work 100% of the time. Is it working well for you now or is it still Suck Town?

  • nkdesign

    Hi, I'm trying to find out what may be happening at Gunpal. I have buyers lined up that I'm telling to wait on paying with then because I can't get confirmation on a payment that has been already made and the Gunpal system won't let me log in or even sent a password reset email.


    GunPal is GREAT! they are still pretty new, and there may be issues, but they will work with you through whatever issues you are having. Please don't put down such a great service over something as simple as a payment not showing in the system in this early stage of the system

  • nkdesign

    I have to retract my comments and apologize to GunPal (gpal). I have been freaking out over not getting password resets or payment confirmation emails and it turns out the whole problem was my AT&T email sending them to a spam folder on their server. I work out of Outlook and have never looked at the on line account but there they were, everything I needed from them and more. AT&T did that without any changes from me so it’s something to research but again, Sorry Gpal.

  • Slash1969

    GunPal has $1500+ of my money lost in limbo.

    From their latest email to me:

    “On June 07 2010 we received notification from a 3rd party service provider that some customer withdrawals had been held without our knowledge or consent. That same day GPal executives followed up and received written confirmation that the withdrawals had been fully processed. On June 08 2010 we received another notification that our 3rd party service provider had indeed NOT processed the customer withdrawals as promised. GPal is terminating the relationship with this 3rd party provider. The entity holding your funds is Comerica Bank. GPal is working constantly to insure your funds make their destination, and we apologize profusely for this gross and egregious failure to deliver. We are currently working on alternate options for payment as we speak.”

  • Michael

    I’ll never again do business with Comerica Bank.

    They appear to have some sort of personal vendetta against anyone in the 2A movement – or at least once their corporate officers in Detroit, MI get wind of you.

    My company got a FedEx Saturday delivery from them – saying GET OUT by Tuesday because we are closing your account. WHY? Because you signed an agreement saying we could terminate you anytime we want. And we want to.

    Sorry to hear GunPal got burned by them as well. From what I heard several 2A folks have been burned by Comerica lately.

  • Mike

    I just spoke to the FTC @ 1-877-382-4357 and they said they’re the ones who need to know about this, call them and speak to an agent. Please pass this information around.

  • Kevin

    Gpal has screwed us out of $1800 that has never been sent to our checking account beginning 6-29-10. They will not return phone calls, answer our emails or deposit our money into our account after almost 3 weeks. I am totally discussed with their service. I am also hearing there are several other companies this has happened to recently. As for the alleged incident involving Mr Canon and the LE impersonation I would not doubt it a bit considering how he runs his business. I will never use them again. I can only hope and pray we get our $1800 back but I seriously doubt it will happen!

  • Kevin, they’re claiming that they will mail you a check if you ask them to. No one’s got one yet but it’s worth a shot. They told us that they were going to fix the transfer problems on the 14th but that date came and went with no updates or solution. Now we’ve all got to play the “your check is in the mail” game with them.

    GPal has no ability to disburse funds electronically. They need to indicate this on their website and, most importantly, they need to STOP TAKING PEOPLE’S MONEY!!! If they’d handled this problem like men instead of scamming little weasels we wouldn’t be seeing this explosion of anger we’re seeing now. That’s not how Ben operates however.

    And yes, Ben Cannon is a liar and a fraud. I defended him and his company when his LE impersonation case broke but I think we’ve all seen a new side of him. Search the internet and you’ll find other accounts of his previous scams. His own lies and they way he’s misrepresented his company during this disaster have been the most damning however.

  • I would like to comment. My company began using gpal after I could no longer use PayPal.

    The first three transactions were handled well. Beginning June 1st, funds have not been transferred to my bank account. I have been incontact with Chad of G-pal who informed me that a check in the amount of $3,800 would be mailed to me within 48 hours. I am waiting in hopes that I will receive the check as promised. If I do not receive the check by week’s end, I plan to file a complaint at or contact Detective James Naugh at Petaluma P.D. 707-565-2185 to file a fraud complaint.

    Best wishes to everyone.

    DEZ Arms, Inc.

    • Hi Sherry, you say, “after I could no longer use PayPal.”

      May I ask what happened that led to your leaving PayPal? Or getting booted as the case may be?

      My understanding is that you can use it to create Buy Now or Add to Cart buttons, and the key is to associate the buttons with item numbers and not descriptions that refer to guns or firearms.

  • You should file the complaint irregardless of whether you get your check or not. GPal is still taking people’s money and is without a means to disburse it electronically. They’ve held on to your money for a very long time and have created a hardship for your business.

    Ben Cannon has handled this whole affair criminally with complete contempt for his customers and needs to be held accountable. His continued misrepresentation of his business and their various “misfortunes” needs to be stopped.

  • We 8 weeks of monies not paid to us! After many emails, we get a message saying payment will be made next week. Now running on 2 weeks and waiting.

  • Hey David. I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for that money. You can see clearly here that Ben Cannon, GPal CEO, has better things to do with his time then get your check cut.

  • fred busedu

    I also run an online business and have not been able to get into my gpal account or contact gpal by email or phone. we will be removing them as a payment option. if you know of any action being taken against them please let me know. fred busedu aka antiquerfred, email [email protected]

  • Trooper299

    Same story. Still waiting on funds that were supposed to have been transferred on 06/02/10 and 07/08/10. I get the same responses that everyone else is getting. GPAL is turning into a nightmare for a lot of people. I think someone needs to be fitted for a nice orange prison jumpsuit.

  • Tanis

    Ben would look great in a orange jumpsuit. Seeing his smug face in that tux on the GPal website really isn’t helping me be calm about my missing $$$!!!!!

    GPAL should really say something on their site about not being able to get people money electronically. They still are acting like everything is OK when it isn’t. This is not what responsible business men do, this is what ponzi scammers that are running on a float do. When I’m in my GPAL account I can still try to send money electronically and the site still says it’ll show up in 24 – 48 hours!!! That’s FRAUD!!!!! You know it won’t! Why keep lying about it???

  • Brooks

    Gpal duplicated 7 transactions and deducted $315 from my checking account on 8-5-10. Of course no answer on the phone or email. They basically stole from me.

  • Brooks

    I had no idea there was any problem with them because I have only used them as a buyer. I never tried or needed to try and get any funds from them. So now I see that they stole from me to pay others in order to keep the scam going longer? Hmmm, Ponzi scheme? At least I’m only out $315. I hate it for the retailers. My main supplier is out $6,000

  • Lulzmacher

    I hope you guys aren’t just having goofy issues… I just sent about 100 bucks via Gpal, and it was withdrawn from my account yesterday.

    We’ll see if it gets deposited or not.

  • Karl

    We’re not Lulzmacher. Look around the web. As has been said here before GPAL has no problem taking your money. Its when you go to pull money out of your account and move it to your bank that they suddenly stop being able to electronically transfer funds. For some mysterious reason they’ve never had a issue with taking your money, only giving it back to you. So curious.

  • Thought it was the right move for our company to sign up for Gpal too but it has turned out to be a disaster. Gpal confirmed that they had sent $733.83 withdrawn to our checking acct on 7/28 but here we are 20 days later and they say it was never sent. The customer service number yields one young guy who says he is new and can’t help. No one answers emails. If I can’t trust them with $733.83 and get my money what will they do with the other thousands we process? I wonder if I will ever see this money.

  • John

    Wasn’t gun pal affiliated with the NRA, aren’t they regulated by the FTC, has anyone persued legal action on them?

  • Karl

    GunPal/GPal was Auction Arms’ payment processor of choice. The NRA uses Auction Arms for auctions. GPal played this affiliation up and implied that they were the NRA’s payment processor but that was never the case. Like 90% of the content on GPAL/GunPal’s website, it’s all BS. Their website still claims that the respond to ticket and phone calls in less then 48 hours and that payments are handled in a similar window.

    A lot of people, myself included have filed complaints with the IC3, FDIC and others. If you call and talk with anyone there and say the name GPal they know exactly what and whom you’re talking about. Anyone who has had problems with GPAL should without hesitation file complaints with the IC3 at the least. Ben Cannon, GPal’s CEO is the head liar over there and needs to have his career opportunities limited after the inevitable collapse of GPal. I would hate to see him be able to wait a year or two and then try this again. That would be a lot harder if he’s wearing a stripy suit and getting three squares a day courtesy of the state.

  • I’m in the same boat as y’all. GunPal owes me $264.77 which was transfered to my bank account on August 9th 2010, today is August 28th 2010 and still no funds in my bank account. I am furious and ready to pursue legal action.

  • Tim

    I’m in the same boat, still looking for money from a transaction in June, over two months ago. I’ve heard all the excuses like you have. The anti-gun banks are at fault, the processors are at fault, it’s just getting old. They (GPAL) need to stop adding new clients until all of us are paid. My theory is they need new clients money to pay all the past transactions. Just my .02

  • George

    Same boat here. I’ve been ran around by Gpal and their web forum minion GpalVP for the last month trying to get my money. Guess the FTC it is. STAY FAR AWAY FROM GPAL!!!

  • Our History with GPal
    My name is Lisa Wolf & I am the wife of Jay Wolf of Elite Ammunition.

    Up until May of this year we did not have issues with getting our funds into our company checking account. It wasn’t until May 14th when the name went from GunPal To GPal we started having all the issues with getting our funds from them.

    When the issues began both Chad & Jeff were pretty good about responding and getting things resolved. Now it is a different story. I have emailed them and emailed them & Jay has left voice mails and they have all gone unanswered. While I know there are MANY people ticked off they have yet to receive their funds we are a company who depends on our customer sales not only for our company to function and survive but as a family to survive as well. I would love someone to explain to my 8, 5 & 4 year old why we can’t buy food or why mommy & daddy could possibly lose the only house they have ever known.

    Below are EVERY Support Ticket Number we have had open with them. Have most been resolved? Yes, but they took at least 2 to 3 weeks to get resolved. But to say that we have not had many tickets opened with them is False.

    These are posted Oldest to Newest
    Support Ticket Opened [#962263]
    Support Ticket Opened [#543718]
    Support Ticket Opened [#925655]
    Support Ticket Opened [#882860]
    Support Ticket Opened [#145044]
    Support Ticket Opened [#911900]
    Support Ticket Opened [#733341]
    Support Ticket Opened [#471926]
    Support Ticket Opened [#941003]
    Support Ticket Opened [#112108]
    Support Ticket Opened [#142715]
    Support Ticket Opened [#277901]
    Support Ticket Opened [#246847]
    Support Ticket Opened [#654443]
    Support Ticket Opened [#466144]

    I am not trying to start trouble here but now when it affects my children and our personal finances I tend to get very angry. And I honestly don’t think anyone here could blame me.

    All we want is our money, that’s all. Is that too much to ask for? It is our money not theirs to keep.

    Because of all their B.S. production has been shut down for the 4th week in a row and we had to lay off the 1 employee we had.

  • Mike

    File IC3 complaints at:

    Time to sick the dogs on these clowns folks…

  • JC

    Began using Gpal in lieu of PayPal in the beginning of May.

    Gpal was referred to us by one of their VPs – Johnson.

    We had major issues with PayPal holding out accounts or deciding in favor of a client who stole from us so we were looking for a new and reliable fund transferring service.

    Since using Gpal in April, they’ve accepted payments from our clients without any issues. In fact, it has been very smooth on that end.

    What we noticed was that the first few transactions we withdrew from the account never arrived in our account even after 2 weeks. We had to personally contact the VP (of whom we know in real life) and ask him to please see into it.

    Long story short, this routine has happened with EVERY transaction. If we didn’t know Johnson I do not believe we would have ever received our money. A ballpark figure of the amount we’ve transferred through them is somewhere around 4-5k?

    As of late, Gpal owes us $1002.43 — it has been 6 weeks since we withdrew these funds. Johnson has been unable to help us because he has no ownership in the company. We sent out some 7-8 e-mails asking for a realistic estimate or if the funds would ever arrive–as we need the funds to pay our employees in the Philippines.

    Moreover, Gpal placed a negative $254 balance on our account with no justification. They claimed that a client disputed a transaction and that we did not provide sufficient documentation which resulted in them deciding in favor of the client. We asked them to call us to explain. Nothing. No calls.

    As far as e-mail replies. Yes, we received 2 e-mails.

    1 email saying “your funds are en route. We do answer our support line”.

    2nd email was basically them telling us they are forcing us to pay the $254 negative balance whether we like it our not- lol…

    We are lost for words. Even with the Madoff scandal, you would never think something like that would happen to you. We are assuming at this point that Gpal is running a ponzi scheme and using new funds to pay off old debt. The internet has most likely slowed down the usage of Gpal, which has resulted in them being unable to keep the scheme afloat.

    If by the end of the week our funds do not arrive, we will assume that the funds are long gone.

    if so, oh well. We will survive. Better luck next time.

  • Karl

    The truth about Ben Cannon (the CEO of GPal) and a possible explanation for GPal’s inability to get people has been posted on The fact that the administrator over there (Ben’s biggest fan) hasn’t deleted it tells me that he knows most of it is true. Check it out:

    I think the jig is up. There’s a big thread on Cast Boolits that substantiates a lot of this. It’s 40 pages or so.

  • Well giving an update:

    GPalVP posted 09-23-2010, 5:37 PM
    “All of your withdrawals have already been sent to your checking account ending in 2649.”

    I posted 09-24-2010, 9:02 AM
    Well I checked this morning and no funds yet

    So I emailed the President of our Bank a few minutes ago.
    Gotta love small town USA where everyone knows everyone, not to mention the fact his wife is my son’s kindergarten teacher.
    “So this was a response from them at 5:37 P.M. 9/23/10

    All of your withdrawals have already been sent to your checking account ending in 2649.

    Do you know long this will take to get deposited into our account? And can you see anything on your end to support GPal’s claim of this?”
    Bank President’s Response
    I show no deposits from GPal on 9/23/10. It is a direct deposit, which means it would be done immediately. And since you received this message after 2pm (our cut-off), I would have expected to see it come in this morning’s processing. Maybe check online later today, after 2 to see if it has dropped, otherwise, I’m not sure where the deposit is at.”

    So I will check back again after 2 and give an update to this.

  • Well it’s 2:10 here and the cut off time has come and gone for my bank. And unfortunately no funds in our bank account. Saturday marks 30 days and counting

  • Well I checked my account today and holy crap 2 of my 3 withdraws hit my account.

    You guys are still missing GPal Transaction ID: BA5F7ED33B1064 for $71.00.

    And this in no way changes my views on GPal.

    As I stated before it was a great idea but poorly executed.

  • Troy


    To anyone having information regarding Ben Cannon:
    If you have information regarding Benjamin Phillip Cannon AKA Ben Cannon or any officers or legal representation of GunPal or GPal Inc, please call (704) 360-0821 and leave a message. You may also call this number to tell about your experiences with any of the above mentioned people or entities. If you choose to leave your personal information you will be contacted by a licensed private investigator who will take your statement.

    To the public:
    I am an NRA Life Member, NRA Training Counselor, Concealed Handgun Permit Instructor, and I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. My business relies on the prompt payment of my customers, and credit card transaction vendors such at GPal/GunPal. . I do not wish any ill intent to Mr. Cannon or any other representatives of GPal/GunPal. I work hard for my money and I expect to be treated fairly, especially by others who claim to have such a love for this country’s constitution.

    To Ben Cannon:
    If you or one of your representatives are reading this blog, you are welcome to call the number and leave a message as to how I may contact you directly to resolve my issues and others that this posting will likely generate.

    This post can be copied in its entirety and re-posted at will. The original post created on October 17th, 2010 will be located at:
    I am not responsible for any re-scripting of this post.

  • RM

    GPal stole almost $250 from my account when they falsely claimed to have transferred money to my account in late August. The funds have still not arrived and my bank has investigated as far as they can go and come back with the only answer they can, “the funds weren’t sent.” My buddy, who is an FFL, is out $6,000 from GPal.

  • Karl

    Ben Cannon’s apparently got the time to launch other business ventures. He’s started an auction site called with the help of a few of his friends on the Calguns Foundation. Calguns Foundation member’s won’t stop propping up Ben’s business ventures. Why?

  • warhog jalmer pigg




  • Where is my Money BEN? Sept 2010 and still no funds….. you SUCK !

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