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Important News about Our Store

By Bryan Black

The  ITS Store is back online after our recent timeout to catch up on orders and solidify our brand new shopping cart system & merchant account. While it’s been a tremendous amount of work to get all the kinks worked out, we’re excited about being able to offer better service and the ability to now accept all credit cards.

Primarily, our reasons for the redesign were that we were severely limited by our previous ability to only accept PayPal. If you’re familiar with the issue surrounding trying to make a credit card payment using an email address previously associated with a PayPal account, then you know exactly what a lot of our readers have been going through when trying to place orders.

We also have a very special announcement!

We’ve just become a distributor for SerePick’s Bogota Entry Toolsets and they should start appearing in the store by the end of next week. We’ve spoken with SerePick and have discussed being able to offer these to everyone, not just military, law enforcement and security professionals.

As these toolsets were created by Raimundo to be an open-source design we wanted to be able to offer them to any one of our readers that has a desire to get into Lock Sport or perfect their skill-set. We’ll have both the Stainless Steel and Titanium versions available.

A quick note to also remind all our Plank Owners to get your T-Shirt orders in via this link by May 19th!

As always, thank you for your continued support and we look forward to more of the awesome growth we’ve been experiencing!

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