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Introducing the ITS First-Strike Bypass Bundle™

By The ITS Crew

The ITS First Strike Bypass Bundle™ offers the perfect compliment of comb picks and tryout tools to potentially bypass a lock and save valuable time in an emergency, negating the need for lock picking.

For a limited time, when you purchase the ITS First Strike Bypass Bundle™, you’ll receive a free 3-piece set of Covert Jiggler Keys with your order! This smaller-footprint set includes the three most commonly used keys.

The ITS First Strike Bypass Bundle™ includes three Comb Picks, a Long-Handled Padlock Bypass Tool and a Compact Credit-Card Sized Shove Tool, stored in our durable ITS Logo Vinyl Sleeve. Comb Picks work by pushing up the entire pin-stack above the shear line on keyways with oversized pin-stack channels, enabling the cylinder to turn just as fast as using a key. They’re a great first strike on padlocks, puck locks and trailer hitch locks.

If you suspect a cheaper padlock, the long-handled version of our proven Padlock Bypass Tool can be a better first option. It reaches through the keyway, bypassing the locking mechanism and opening the lock.

ITS First-Strike Bypass Bundle™ Body

When confronting interior or exterior doors, our Compact Shove Tool is a smaller version of what many Firefighters carry for bypass, much like the old “credit card in the door” trick. It can also be maneuvered along the edge of a door to help find hidden locking mechanisms, or used to open exposed latch locks commonly found on security gates. You can even give this process a shot blind, by tying cordage through the ITS Logo Lanyard Hole and going “fishing” with the deep cut hook.

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