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Covert Restock: Micro Tradecraft Toolsets Now Back in the ITS Store!

By The ITS Crew

The Micro Tradecraft Toolset is back in stock! This toolset is ultra-concealable and reminiscent of the covert devices used by America’s WWII intelligence agency. It measures only 2.25” long and features five of the most effective entry/escape tools. In addition, we’ve added the new SHIELDSAK® from LOKSAK® to the ITS Store, which is a great option for protecting your devices from data theft.

Micro Tradecraft Toolset

Micro Tradecraft Toolset 02

Removing the Micro Tradecraft Toolset from its half-length rubber storage sheath allows for rapid deployment of the toolset. Being bound by a rivet enables a quick selection of either the City Rake, Triple Rake, Long Reach Hook or Escape Saw to pair with the included tensioner.

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RFID technology is becoming more present than ever in our devices, but along with the convenience comes risk. The SHIELDSAK® from aLOKSAK® provides peace of mind when traveling with your devices by creating a mobile Faraday cage.

Criminals have developed methods to exploit RFID scanning technology to retrieve data from phones, credit cards and even passports. The SHIELDSAK® ensures that no signals can be transmitted or received from devices contained within. These pouches measure 4.5” x 7.5” and utilize a patented material to ensure your information stays secure.

Protect your devices by picking up your SHIELDSAK® in the ITS Store!

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