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Introducing the SERECord Bracelet Kit: Paracord with Kevlar Strands

By The ITS Crew

We’re proud to introduce the SERECord Bracelet Kit from ITS Tactical today, which includes a 10 ft. length of SERECord and a small contoured side-release buckle (National Molding Weinerlock), enabling you to create one of the most bombproof Paracord Bracelets around.

Featuring a stronger outer sheath than normal Paracord, SERECord packs three separate strands of 135 lb. test bonded-Kevlar into every length. Unlike unbonded Kevlar, these strands won’t unravel or present elongation issues.

The Kevlar strands are inherently flame resistant, highly chemical resistant and can be removed for use in everything from snares to escaping illegal restraint from zip ties.

Our insert card that comes with each bracelet kit features QR codes on the back, linking you directly to our step-by-step tutorials to create either a standard Paracord Bracelet or a Quick Release Paracord Bracelet.

Made in the USA and available in OD Green, Coyote Brown and Black in the ITS Store today!

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  • Eric

    Nice! This is the first time I’ve heard of Serecord, I’ll definitely check it out next time I need a spool.

  • Skip

    Were can we get a spool of Serecord?

  • Carl Morgan

    Any chance you will be selling 50 or 100 ft lengths of just the cord?

  • Kazzerax

    Is anyone else having this on all of the articles? [image]

  • Chris Martin

    Is this available by the foot or spool anywhere?

  • Billy

    So, what’s the weight rating on this cord?

  • Does it also come with a written-out URL to the instructions for those who don’t know how / don’t want to deal with the QR codes? I don’t think it makes much sense to use QR if I’d want to look at the instructions on a computer, which wouldn’t have a QR reader.

  • Skip

    Looks like offering a spool in your store might get some attention!

  • Tim

    Aye, +1 to the above. Obtaining the SEREcord itself would be a good thing…

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