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Triple Aught Design + ITS Event Recap: Complete with Dogpatch and Hayes Valley Shop Tours

By Bryan Black

A little over a month ago, Kelly and I had the fantastic opportunity to visit Triple Aught Design out in San Francisco and help put on an awesome TAD + ITS Event.

It was an honor to hang out with the TAD crew and meet one of my favorite companies in the industry that I both admire and respect. Being able to share laughs, stories, meals, camaraderie and even playing some beer pong was incredible. Even if they did win.. (it was the west coast rules, I swear!)

During the trip we were also able to visit their Hayes Valley store and Dogpatch HQ with a camera in hand, so that we could bring you a great photo tour of both locations.

TAD + ITS Event

The TAD + ITS Event started out with a little socializing and checking out TAD’s new Fall Lineup as seen below. I can’t express what a thrill it was to help put on this event at TAD’s Dogpatch HQ. The turnout was amazing, with what seemed like a full house gathered up.

Once everyone had settled, Kelly and I began the first event, which was  a Paracord Bracelet Class where we went through a tutorial on how to tie a Quick Release Paracord Bracelet. Everyone seemed to appreciate the hands-on instruction as we demonstrated the process and walked through the crowd helping individuals that were running into hiccups.

After the Paracord Bracelet Class it was time for a meet and greet with the TAD staff and Kelly and I, it was great to meet some awesome TAD fans as well as faithful ITS fans as well.  TAD had an Ice Cream Sundae Bar set up for everyone to enjoy, but I’ll admit I was having too much fun meeting everyone to partake. It did look delicious though!

After the break I started up on a Lock Picking discussion, where I went through why we advocate learning lock picking as a skill-set at ITS. I mentioned the illusion of security and the social stigma of it only being used by criminals and for nefarious purposes.

I walked everyone through some slides showing the basic manipulation of pin and tumbler locks and what I’ve learned about them along the way.  Having a working knowledge of locks can not only help you select good quality locks for your home, but also understand what makes them good and how to better harden your security at home.

Other topics during the lock picking portion included shimming padlocks with a coke can, picking handcuffs with a bobby pin and a description on how to defeat illegal restraint from zip ties during a home invasion or other scenario.

After the demonstration I had a great chance for everyone to come up and try out everything for themselves. There were a few people that snapped out of the zip ties on the first try and others that hadn’t quite picked up on the technique yet. In all it was great to see everyone trying out everything and I wished I had more time to stay and help everyone out more.

The TAD + ITS Event was a huge success for everyone and it was great to give back to the community with the free workshops.

It was truly inspirational to meet such a great team at TAD and get the reassurance of the energetic, driven and creative company I knew them to be.  Kelly and I truly appreciate TAD’s hospitality and friendship and look forward to doing more with them in the future!

Hayes Valley Shop Tour

Dogpatch HQ Tour


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