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ITS 7th Anniversary Sweepstakes and New Products in the ITS Store

By The ITS Crew


In addition to launching some great new products today, April also marks the 7th year in business for ITS! To celebrate, we’re adding a free 7th Anniversary Poker Chip into each order through April 15th (while supplies last.) In addition, each order you place from now until the 15th will count as a separate entry into our Lucky Number 7 Sweepstakes.


Three awesome prize packs are up for grabs and winners will be chosen at random and notified on April 18th.

Prize Pack 1

Prize Pack 2

Prize Pack 3

Gear Tasting Coffee Mug


When we’re shooting a segment of Questions Over Coffee on our popular show, Gear Tasting, we appreciate a fresh pot of our favorite coffee to keep us fueled.

It seemed fitting to produce an official Gear Tasting Coffee Mug for the show and we’re proud to offer them to you.


One side of the mug features the ITS Logo and the opposite side has our Poundtag #GEARTASTING complete with our signature ChompMark™ taken out of the last “G.”

100% Made in the USA from durable ceramic, the Gear Tasting Coffee Mug features a matte black exterior finish and a gloss black interior. These mugs hold up to 16 oz. of your favorite coffee, tea or other hot beverage.

Click here to pick up your Gear Tasting Coffee Mug in the ITS Store!

ITS Kraken Morale Patch


The ITS Kraken Morale Patch is our ode to the fearsome sea monsters of legend and a hark back to our U.S. Navy roots. Throughout history, pirates, merchants and sailors have all kept a watchful eye out for these intimidating beasts.

Measuring 4″ tall x 3″ wide, these embroidered morale patches feature glow-in-the-dark thread and a velcro backing to stick them wherever you’d like.

Click here to pick up your ITS Kraken Morale Patch in the ITS Store!

Steel Flame Copper MOLLE Clip – ITS Logo


Derrick Obatake and his company, Steel Flame, are known for their exquisite metal work, which hails from traditional jewelry design and fabrication. Each Steel Flame MOLLE Clip is die struck on 100% copper and manufactured in California from US Materials.


These clips fit perfectly onto MOLLE webbing and other items including watch bands and bracelets. Each clip’s Vintage Gunmetal finish can vary slightly, due to the nature of the material and hand finishing.

Click here to pick up your ITS Logo Steel Flame MOLLE Clip in the ITS Store!

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  • Guest

    Seems the contest is missing the required by law no purchase necessary 

    Contests and Sweepstakes Are there any rules about ads for contests or sweepstakes?
    promotions that require a purchase by participants are illegal in the
    United States. Other agencies, including the United States Postal
    Service (USPS) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), also
    enforce federal laws governing contests and prize promotions. And each
    state has laws that may require promoters to make disclosures, seek
    licensing, or post a bond. Since state laws vary, check with the
    Attorney General’s Office in the state(s) in which you plan to
    advertise. If a contest or promotion involves telephone calls, the FTC’s
    requires specific disclosures, such as the odds of winning a prize, how
    to participate without buying anything, and that no purchase or payment
    is required to win. If pay-per-call services are involved, the FTC’s
    900 Number Rule requires certain disclosures. For more information, ask
    the FTC for the publications and

    • Oh lord

    • I hate guests

      Hard to tell if someone is wanting something for free and ruining it for the paying customers or if they are legitimately trying to help…..

    • just stating facts

      I hate guests but fact of the matter – what guest says is true. He is actually stating exactly what I thought when I clicked thru from the email. Granted, nothing will come of the illegality of the contest… but .. it is in fact illegal. I have worked for a company that ran the same sort of deal… and we were brought to task

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