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ITS Giveaway! Blue Force Gear VCAS Sling

By The ITS Crew

blueforcegearvickers02As a way to introduce ourselves to the community, we’re giving away a brand new Blue Force Gear Vickers Combat Applications Sling in Coyote Brown. We here at ITS swear by the Blue Force Gear two-point VCAS, and have never had one fail on us.

BFG’s workmanship is superior to anything we’ve ever used, and we’ll always be big fans of theirs. Just so you know, this sling was paid for out of our own pockets… We support BFG and want to give one lucky reader the best sling on the market!

Here are the different ways to get yourself into the giveaway…

  1. Leave a comment on this post for one chance to win
  2. Register for ITS Tactical, Subscribe to our Newsletter or Subscribe to our RSS Feed in the sidebar for a second chance to win  (if you’re already doing any of those mention that in your comment)
  3. Tell a friend / blog about ITS for a third chance to win (write you told a friend or link to your blog post in the comment)
  4. Deployed Military automatically get an extra chance to win (totally on the honor system here, just mention it in your comment)

The randomly selected winner of the drawing will be announced here next Friday, May 1st at 1800 CST. The deadline for submissions will be the same day at noon. We’ll also cover shipping to wherever you are in the World, especially APO/FPO.

Good luck, and thanks for checking out our site!

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  • Joe

    Thanks for the chance to win a sweet sling, I’ve also joined up for the newsletter and passed a few friends links to this & told em about it!!

    Keep up the great work!

  • Jim

    Wow good deal, in the process of signing up for the newsletter, and I sent the link to your site to a couple of co-workers.

  • MAP

    Just registered! Thank you for the opportunity to enter the drawing.


  • Jared

    Good deal on the giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • George

    Very nice! Great sling and a great thing you are doing!

  • bburgi

    Good deal… Hope I win it!

    Also… I posted this on my blog and registered for the newsletter for a second and third entry into the contest.

    • ITS Admin

      b, link to your blog so we can all check it out. We’re always interested to read other people’s blogs who share our interests.

    • Nothing really tactical on my blog – just thoughts on things I like.

  • Matt

    Cool, I hope I get it.

  • ITS Admin

    Thank you to everyone for your entries, and kind words. I wanted to take a second and mention that there have been many more people signing up for our site and newsletter than those who have posted here.

    You MUST leave a message here to be considered for the drawing even if you have previously subscribed to the site, newsletter or RSS.

  • Bourneshooter

    Great giveaway!

    Thanks for the info you post on here.

    I registered and signed up for the newsletter as well.

  • mntclimber

    Great giveaway! I enjoyed the last issue of your newsletter as well.

    • Glad you enjoyed it! If your into mountain climbing, as your name suggests, we’ll be having a lot of climbing articles in the future so stay tuned.

  • Mike_golf

    Alright, sight me up. Great give away!

  • Tehrawk

    Nice prize.

    I subscribed to the newsletter.

    I told my friend about your site, I’m pretty sure she will enter as well.

  • K_Murphy

    Oooh great giveaway, my baby Aug has been crying out for one of these for awhile. I just registered and subscribed to your newsletter. Also sent a few emails to my friends and family, telling them to have a look at your site.

    You have some good articles up already, going to have a go at the knots now :O) Keep up the good work.

    • Keep practicing, we’ll be having a contest coming up soon using the knots we’ve been featuring. Thanks!

  • Jeremy L

    Thanks for the chance to win one of these bad boys.

    also got back in Feburary if that counts as a chance for a second entry.

    • Two entries it is brother, thanks for your service.

  • Awesome sling, thank you for a chance to win one.
    Currently deployed as the medic for 3rd PLT, A TRP, 3-4 CAV, 3rd IBCT, 25th ID out of FOB Paliwoda Iraq.

    • Greg,

      Thanks for your service, your pictures are awesome!

    • Thank you very much, I am glad you like them. I will continue to post more until we redeploy in September.

  • Saw this on LF. I love the sling and sure could use it. Passed on to a friend as well. He’s .mil, so hopefully he’ll post too.

  • papercutninja

    Just registered. Saw your site from Milspec Monkey. I’ve added your site to my quiver of tacti-cool info sources.

  • BootlegGucci

    Came across this via Mil-Spec Monkey. Thought I would try my luck with this very generous give-away. This site looks very interesting and I will be checking it frequently. I posted a link to this site on to stir up some buzz. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Thanks, for the chance to win a great sling.

  • lapdance

    Thanks for the service you guys provide, and the giveaway. I love the VCAS that I have on my carbine and am looking to put one on my AR 10.

  • Placing my comment… Check. // Register on site… Check. // Subscribing to newsletter… Check. // Subscribed to feed (via Google Reader)… Check. // Tell a friend about ITS… ( Check. // Subscribe to YouTube… Check. // Follow on FaceBook (and vote on polls)… Check. // Ordered patch… Check.

    Ok, that’s a lot of stuff and it’s not really all for the contest. YouTube videos look great keep the Twitter updates coming. It was easy talking good about you guys because everything you’ve done so far is great!

    • Dude… I’m speechless LOL! Thanks for the kind words and signing up for all our social media! I particularly loved your post on the social media icons, I’m also a Web designer in addition to running ITS with a bunch of good dudes who care. I was pretty stoked about how those icons came out too and can truly say it was an original design 🙂

      Gotta call you out on the contest though Mike, attention to detail! Contest submissions ended May 1st, and we’ve already given away the sling. We’ll be holding another contest soon though, so stick around.

      Twitter is working out great for us, and we’ll definitely keep those updates coming.

      Thanks for your support,

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