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Trauma Kit Prize Pack Reader Appreciation Contest

By The ITS Crew

Not too long ago, we revamped the entire medical lineup here at ITS Tactical, providing you with more options so that you’ll never be without life saving equipment.

Today we’d like to announce our latest reader appreciation contest. It only runs through the weekend so you have to act fast.

ITS Medical Kit Giveaway

So, what’s up for grabs?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fine Print:

  • Trauma Kit Pouch configuration and color selection based on in-stock availability.
  • Due to Z-Medica policy we can not ship QuikClot Combat Gauze outside the US to non APO/FPO addresses. Any International non APO/FPO orders are not allowed on ETA Kits. If winner resides in a location not eligible to receive  QuikClot Combat Gauze, the ETA Kits will be sealed and shipped without that item.
  • Contest ends at 11:59 PM on 3/3/13.

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  • Great equipment, Great company!

  • ITS Tactical has some of the coolest gear available to the public that I have ever seen.

  • This is awesome, and it would be an honor to win some of you guys gear.

    Semper Fi and Blessings,
    Brian Cornett
    D3-Devil Dog Designs

  • don presgrave

    I work in a gun store here in Vegas…and…the ONLY bumper sticker on my ’92 caddy is the ITS Tactical sticker…I appreciate all you guys do. If you get to Vegas, stop by Lock N’ Load and say HI!

  • Steve

    Great give away to all the fans!

  • Rob Kelly

    Those are inceredibly well-designed kits!

  • C4 U no more

    soo much awesome

  • Tony

    Thank you for putting items like theses out there for us!

  • I


  • Very nice product!

  • Nice for an emergency kit in my truck and at home.

  • Christopher

    What an awesome giveaway! This would go great with my bailout bag! ITS, you guys rock!

  • Joseph. Dunleavy

    You just can never tell when you’ll need a Med pack and I have always lived my life from what I learned as a child ,it’s better to have it then need it and not have it ,no truer words ever spoken ……

  • Michael

    Just found your sight not long ago. It wasnt until recently that i have started building kits of all sorts to better prepare myself and family. Thanks to you guys and the wealth of information here. You have helped me out so much.

  • Lance P.

    Awesome gear!!!

  • britt webster

    awesome package guys!

  • Lou Perez

    Your products at ITS are top quality at reasonable prices!
    I sure hope I win one of these trauma kits before this sequestration bs hits the fan! LoL!
    I would definitely be envied at work by all my cop buddies!
    If I had stickers I’d put them on my patrol car too!

    A million thank you’s,
    Lou Perez
    Salt Lake City , UT

  • Shaggy

    I love your gear !
    I was looking for a backpack kit for a troop or uint.
    for are Frontiersmen troop at base camp.
    The boys all have IFAKS but I was also looking for a pack that can be used for more serious things.

  • Joshua Lanphear

    Awesome giveaway. Your gear is amazing, and I’m still new to a lot of this. I work for a company that makes knives and swords, and such, and being the only one who handles them out of the box here I tend to get nicked and cut quite often given how sharp they are. Also planning several camping trips this year, and it would be great to have such fantastic gear on my person.


  • Michael Farrar

    This is a great piece of kit for a great giveaway!

  • Love this gear, such a great setup.

  • I discovered the videos first. You guys seem like good people.

  • Ben Brown

    Great company & great gear!

  • scott troeckler

    Looks like a great kit!

  • Chip Sayre

    Great giveaway, I could definitely put this to good use. Thanks for offering such an important and useful giveaway!

  • Robert Blood

    Great timing, I was just checking these kits out in the “store”! Perfect to keep in the truck. Either way, one of these will be making it’s way to me soon.

  • Steve Mullis

    Quality products from a Quality business. Great giveaway for a lucky person. If I don’t win i’m still buying one soon.

  • Jack

    Nice stuff!

  • collander

    Great timing as I’m looking to add medical chit to my EDC backpack 😀

  • collander

    and thanks for the chance to win!!

  • BBMN

    Is this how I win?

  • Christopher Brown

    Always looking to upgrade my kit. Thanks for making great gear and designs.

  • far zero

    Perfect fan giveaway idea! Keep up the good work ITS.

  • Michael Marass

    added twitter so i could get 5 more entries, ITS i hope you know how much i love you.

  • Tom

    Regardless of if I win or not, ITS Tactical you guys are an awesome company for providing this giveaway to your readers and fans. Big thumbs up from me.

  • Bonnie Harper

    great giveaway idea and win or lose you guys have some awesome products.

  • Garrett Stritzel

    I consider myself an amateur “Military Moron” gear expert. My friends are always asking my advice about MilSpec gear and your site and pouches are the only IFAK type packs I recommend to all my responders and agents I know. You serve us well and give us the greatest odds to do the same for others who depend on us….

  • Joshua R.

    Sweet giveaway, guys!!!

  • Bill

    Great gear! Great site! Thanks for all your efforts in providing superior products at great prices.

  • Doug

    Great idea for a giveaway

  • Nick Nelson

    You guys are awesome!! Keep up the good work in keeping us informed on new and better equipment, also love all the Giveaways you do!!!

  • Rick Barnes

    Great giveaway! This would be a great addition to anyone’s equipment!

  • Roxy Helfrick

    Great kit I’m an EMT and this would be perfect to keep in my truck

  • Josh M

    Damn I love ITS Tactical. First website I check every day.

  • Wes McDonald

    That’s awesome! I’ve got one kit in my range bag for the “just in cases” and I’m looking to supplement my office and car with some back up gear!

  • Daniel Bowers

    Amazing gear from a great company!

  • Jeff Bruce

    Very cool!

  • Ian

    very nice could always use another ETA kit.

  • I might have missed how to enter this give away, but I hope that this will get me the win! I’m a government contractor currently in Afghanistan, and I would love to be able to carry the ITS Trauma, or any other ITS product with me in theater. The current “med pouch” that they issue us is garbage; I would rather have the old First Aid kit that they issued me in the Marines; So yes, I would love the upgrade!

  • Adrian Marquez

    This is an awesome kit! good luck everyone!

  • Mike Kirkpatrick

    Awesome and practical giveaway. Kind of sucks though….to get more entries you have to have a twitter account, and I don’t have one, nor need one.

  • Gene

    I’m in…cool gear!!

  • Lorie H

    I’m a nurse, this would be awesome to have on hand!

  • Andy Martin

    Would be awesome to win

  • Jon Albert

    I am an Eagle Scout with no prepared kits anymore. This would re-stock me and then some fast. Thanks for the chance to be re-prepared.

  • John G

    I never win anything! I hope my luck changes

  • Jamie Giesman

    Spending more and more time in the mountains of the great NW with my brother. These kits look awesome.

  • Tim

    This would be awesome to have! No more excuses to not have a med kit on hand.

  • Mike

    This is going in my patrol car if I win.

    • FredS

      Ditto, in my police interceptor utility vehicle…
      Watch your six.

  • Ryan

    Awesome, would help fill my first aid equipment that i must say is lacking.

  • Mark Valadez

    Wow, what a great giveaway!

  • James

    Thanks for the great giveaway

  • Always great giveaways and information at ITS.

  • olly lyon

    I love the look of these kits. Shame I can’t get one in Britain with quickclot. The trauma kits we are issued are good, but this is much more comprehensive all we get is a feild dressing (like the Israeli bandage), morphine and a CAT.

  • Bob

    I also have no need or want to be on Facebook or any of the other social sites. The Phone and Email work just fine for me. This is a great kit and I would really like to win it. Thanks for offering it.

  • Wes

    Awesome giveaway!

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