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ITS Tactical iPhone App ‘Update’

By The ITS Crew

Hey guys, as you probably know, we’ve had an iPhone app available for quite some time. Most of you may actually have it installed on your iDevice right now and thank you for that! But we’re not here to pimp the app but to set some things straight.

This app is an embarrassment. It doesn’t do what we really want it to do at all. Getting news from ITS Tactical on your mobile device may be the main way you get news from us period and we can’t afford to let you down.  This ‘app’ is a horrible representation of ITS Tactical and we fully plan on correcting that.

We originally used ‘Mother App’ to build this current version. Without getting into all the details, they really screwed us on their support and they’ve been ignoring our requests and money to fix the problems we’ve found. We need to move on.

The problem is that while we’re all pretty tech savvy here at ITS Tactical, the whole arena of app development is foreign to us. In fact, if anyone reading this is both a fan of ITS Tactical and an app developer, we’d love to talk with you into making a truly awesome app.

Thank you for your continued support, it really means a lot to us. And again, to be very clear, we want our next release to be a professional app and one that we are very proud of.

Please contact us if you have any experience bulding iOS, Android, or Blackberry apps. And feel free to leave a comment below if you have any suggestions for features in the new app.

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  • Just a few of suggestions for the new app. 1. Ability to sign into our account. 2. It would be nice to have the ability to select a category to look in like to top of the site (DigiCom, FitCom…etc). 3. Option to comment on articles. 4. Maybe a forum option or at least view the latest topics. 5. Maybe a store option.

    Thanks ITS Crew.

  • Jack

    Can’t wait for an andriod app. 😉

  • LineDoc

    Glad to hear this; the app did kinda suck. Looking forward to seeing the new one.

  • A Levy

    I think having a universal IOS app would really be the thing. There is a huge demand for iPad native apps that also work well on iPhones. There is a lot you can do with the iPad that would incorporate the user experience like the website (although I know NOTHING on how to do it!) Keep at it Bryan.

  • I’ll second the android app!

  • Justin W

    The app always felt like it was just there to drive you to the site. I think uses the same company. MotherApp. I dont like them.

    Hopefully the next app is off the Chizain!

    Christ… did I just say Chizain?

    • Aaron McDoomsday

      Yes you did… Now stop it!

  • Terry

    I tried the app, but found that it, and many other similar apps based on the same platform, was rather lacking in features. I tend to just browse the ITS site through Safari on my iThingy, which worked quite well, but your site redesign did make it quite a bit slower.

    While “Apps” are cool, perhaps you’d be better off designing a proper mobile website and using that universally on all smartphones rather than an app that basically just acts as a shell to content already presented in a web format.

    While I don’t think that an app is really in your best interest, I do have a couple of friends that develop for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices on a commercial basis. I can put them in touch with you if that is what you really want.


    • Tim

      I like the idea of a mobile version.

  • kinnick_89

    I am very much looking forward to the droid app as well

  • Aaron McDoomsday

    I think I’m with Terry on this one, Bryan, et al. A universally available mobile site would have greater reach then platform specific apps.

  • William

    It would be coolif you can make a app for both the iPod and the iPad.

  • Did you try the guys that helped make tacticalNAV? They’re doing pretty good with that app.

  • Josh

    I would have to agree with those who have said a mobile site could be a better solution than an app. Might not be as, “content rich,” but I usually expect a stripped down version when I’m using my phone.

  • Check out
    Have a friend that’s using that for their startup and is pretty nice and you can download the code too.

  • Shotgun326

    Thanks for sharing the info on the iPhone app. While the first one had its shortcomings, I kinda enjoyed it, so I’m looking forward to the updated version.

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