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The ITS Tactical iPhone App is Live!!

By The ITS Crew

ITSAppButtonWe’re extremely excited to announce the official ITS Tactical iPhone App!

We’ve partnered with MotherApp to bring you a great way to keep up with ITS Tactical on your iPhone.

You’ll be able to view our latest posts and Twitter tweets right from your iPhone, add posts to a favorites list, and share what you like via Twitter and Facebook!

A big benefit is the ability to read our posts offline, and the saved posts in your favorites list will also be available offline.

MotherApp has let us know that the ITS Tactical app will be  available on Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian in early 2010.

We’re anxious to hear your thoughts and what you think of the app, here’s the download link hooked right into iTunes.

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  • Matt


    Now I just have to delete some of the other 12 pages of apps! lol

  • Josh

    First impressions are that this app is pretty slick. Nice job, ITS!

  • Nice now we just need one for us Blackberry users. Are you guys planning on one ?

    • Thompson,

      The app should be ported over to Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian in early 2010.

      Thanks for the comment!

  • John T

    Awesome! I’m on my iPhone right now. Off to the App store I go.

  • John T

    A few questions if I may; was it your intended purpose to only have the newest posts available and not have the full archive of old posts available?

    Do you guys intend to enable post comments via the ITS App?


    • John,

      There are many things we’d still like to do with the App, and we’re working on getting a full archive available. I believe as of now if you favorite a post it will always be in your favorites.
      Comments are something we’d like to be able to handle via the app too. It’s a work in progress, and we’re happy to finally get it live!

      Thanks for your support!

    • John T

      Thanks for the prompt response Bryan. The favorites seem to be working as I already have a couple =). So far the App seems to be off to a good start. I look forward to future updates.

    • No worries John, hope you enjoy the app!

      ~ Bryan

  • danneskjold

    Cant wait for Android!

    • I can…. But BB should be next on the list. Very cool stuff!

  • ken

    Iphone is old news…People are over letting “Apple” chose what apps you think you need…
    Android is the way of the future…
    If they wait until “early 2010” to make and android app… there may be 10 others that have already made them… thats why open source code of the android system will take over…
    I will keep an eye out for an app for the Droid…
    Love the site….
    thanks fr all your hard work.

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