Squawk Box Broadcast 002 - ITS Tactical

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Squawk Box Broadcast 002

By The ITS Crew

Squawk Box Broadcast 002

Adventure Is Calling >> Vimeo

An incredible time lapse by Shane Black that took over 2 months, 32 states and 13,000 miles of driving to make. This video showcases some of the best views that 13 national and state parks have to offer. Thanks NEMO Equipment for the find.

Concrete Arrows Across America >> Core77

Did you know that there are giant concrete arrows dotting the landscape across America? Well, there are! They were used as navigational aids for the first airmail routes and some can still be found today.

Photos from Inside The Stasi >> Wired

There’s a new book coming out (Top Secret: Images from the Stasi Archives) that provides a humorous as well as intriguing inside look of the East German Secret Police.

Recycled Firefighter >> Etsy

Jacob Starr is a full time firefighter that taught himself to sew. He takes used and battle-hardened firefighter equipment and transform it into dopp kits, pet collars, tool bags, belts, iPad sleeves and packs.

Juggernaut.Case >> Kickstarter

This is a water proof, dust proof, drop proof iPhone 5 case that offers a quick release for a variety of mounting options. This could be a great way to keep a map on your phone visible yet hands free, it just has to get fully funded.

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