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ITS Tactical is Hiring: Come Join The Crew

By The ITS Crew

werehiringWe’ve just put the finishing touches on a new page on ITS Tactical that features  career opportunities we have available here at ITS HQ in Arlington, TX. This page will continue to update as new positions become available, but today, we’re looking for someone to fill a warehouse support position.

If you’re local to us here in Arlington and feel like you’d be a good fit for our company, head on over to the Careers page and check out the opportunities we have available. Please ensure you read the instructions carefully on the career page, we’ll only be handling inquiries through the email address listed on each available position.

Thanks for your continued support, our growth would have never been achievable without each one of our members, readers and customers!

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  • George

    Oh it would be nice if I lived in the U.S. Anyway keep up with the videos, enjoying them!

  • Davis

    I am sure the warehouse position would be a massive pay cut for me, but it would be a blast to work for ITS and I would not mind living in Arlington either.

  • Raven

    If I lived in or around Arlington I’d come to work for y’all for store credits! That’s love.

  • Matt

    I am currently a US Marine but I am getting out at the end of June an was curious if there might be any job openings in that time frame. I’m getting out on honorable conditions and am quilified in multipule feilds an just looking for work.

  • Tom

    Judging from the stuff you sell and all the awesome articles, this would be an awesome job. Too bad I live in NJ, and don’t have any experience in a warehouse environment, because I was just laid off from the machine shop I worked at about a month ago and have been looking for something new.

    Maybe I should consider moving to Texas. Any state with the exception of Cali or Hawaii has to be cheaper. XD

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