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ITS Tactical Koozies to Keep your Favorite Beverages Cool this Summer!

By The ITS Crew

Need a Koozie that will strike fear into the hearts of your enemies? Look no further than the ITS Tactical Koozie; sure to keep your favorite beverages cool this summer and help you PREVAIL!

They’re brand new to the ITS Tactical Store starting today and feature our screenprinted circular logo on one side and our flag logo design on the opposite. Available in collapsible-style tactical black for your next outing!

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  • Majik hat

    These are pretty sweet- and that is one old school can of beer on the right!

  • ecudt

    The koozie’s look great but I gotta tell ya in my day a guy wouldnt be caught dead drinking beer from something like this. Why would someone need a koozie anyway (unless your a little gril). Your beer may get warm? awww! Ever drink San Miquel in the PI? Yea its warm, but your a man so who cares…drink-up, cheers!

  • TacticalTom

    I’m very disappointed that you don’t drink your Guiness warm like real men!

  • tacticalbeachbum

    I love that you guys have everything on this site from fitness regiments and go bags to koozies. It truly satisfies every tactical and tacticool need.

  • skbowman87

    Please bring them back! I need one!!!

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