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Join ITS at Silencerco’s 1st Annual Silencers Are Legal Shoot

By The ITS Crew

Our good friends at Silencerco have recently announced the 1st Annual Silencers Are Legal Shoot, an inexpensive way to try out suppressors from all the big name companies in the industry. ITS Tactical is a sponsor for this awesome event and you’ll also get to visit us in the vendor tent where we’ll have our complete product line for sale, including a custom patch we’re making just for the show you won’t be able to get anywhere else!

Come support the industry and invite your friends to learn about suppressors including: uses, benefits, and how to purchase them. The event is taking place in our backyard at Elm Fork Shooting range here  in Dallas, Texas. It’s a great  facility and you can’t beat $12 to shoot everyone’s suppressors! What’s even better is that there will be ammo vendors on site too, like HPR, making sure your guns are well fed. Vendor tents will be located right on the firing line for easy access to test the most current products on the market.

The silenced fun happens from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday April 28th. In addition to the awesome vendors like us, there’s also raffles going on and you’ll have a chance to win a few things we’ll be donating too! An odd addition to mention is that all live fire has to be suppressed, no unsuppressed shooting is allowed!

Here’s a list of the current suppressor manufacturers that will be in attendance: Silencerco/SWR, AAC, Surefire, YHM, GEMTECH, Liberty Suppressors, Innovative Arms, Hunter Town Arms and  Tactical Solutions.

Click here to purchase your tickets and we hope to see everyone in Dallas on April 28th, be sure to stop by our booth and say hi!

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  • ThunderChicken

    Wish i could be there. Thats the same weekend as our first Tiger Cub campout. Ya’ll enjoy!


    That will be an awesome event, I wish I could be there.

    After the event can ITS supply the material and knowledge of how to own a leagal suppressor and links to the paper work?

  • Blake Berretta

    I attended an event similar to this in my area back in August. It was called “Silencer Shoot”. It was awesome.
    This is where I learned the details of using a TRUST to purchase silencers, Class III stuff, etc……….I highly
    recommend this!! Get out and support this event!! You won’t be sorry!!!

  • Carl Smail

    I work part time as an RO there, Marshaling IDPA/ USPSA matches on Wednesday night and working special events. Many of the same manufactuers were out for an industry only shoot we hosted in January and all of their reps are all very approachable and top notch. I look forward to meeting fellow members face to face. I will be wearing my ITS Jolly Roger on my BAC cap. See you there!

    • See you there Carl! Looking forward to meeting you and appreciate your support!

    • Recon4279

      Bryan, See you there. I will stop by the booth when you guys start setting up. We will be there early.

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