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Join ITS Tactical for the Starbucks Buycott in Fort Worth this Valentine’s Day

By The ITS Crew

Three things that you need to be doing this Valentine’s Day, other than remembering flowers and chocolates are to Grab $2 bills from your bank, your Guns & Coffee Patch from OP Tactical and head down to your local Starbucks to support the “BUYcott” for Starbucks Appreciation Day.

In case you missed our article a few days back, the National Gun Victims Action Council has decided to start a movement for all anti-gun supporters to  boycott Starbucks this Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2012. In response to this boycott, a few bloggers have started a  Starbucks Appreciation Day  “BUYcott” to counter the NGVAC’s rally.

To participate in the Starbucks Appreciation Day, the call-out is to grab a few $2 bills (which justly portrays the signing of the Declaration of Independence on the reverse of the $2 bill) and head to Starbucks on Valentine’s Day to buy a few cups of coffee. Even if you can’t source $2 bills from your bank, make your presence known!

On February 14th, the ITS Crew will be at the Starbucks here in Ft. Worth off Hwy. 820 and Pipline Rd. from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. enjoying a cup of coffee paid for with $2 bills. Come out and meet up with us, we’ll have some swag with us to pass out too!

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  • Jackel

    Got my $2 bills, my patch arrives tomorrow! Texas is too far away but all my gun buddies and I will be hitting Starbucks in El Centro and Brawley, California!!

  • Kenny

    I’ll be there!

  • Kenny

    And, I’m planning on bringing some knotty stuff to work on projects. Maybe we can have a little knot tying seminar.

  • Red_Reign_Six

    I’m going to Starbucks in Tempe, AZ (Baseline & Rural) to show my support!

  • CP

    Will be there in in support up here in VA. Got my $2 bills but sadly no patch; My .45 will be fine enough instead.

    Semper Fi

  • Mustang

    Going to my local Starbuck’s here in the Central Valley, but it occurred to me…how about you guys create a photo montage, and we can send you pics from all over ITS land from our local Starbucks?

  • Bob Front

    Charlie over on Defensive Carry has a cool flyer to leave at Starbucks on Feb 14. It’s a pdf file and he has to e-mail it. I have it but don’t know how to attach it here. Not sure it can be done. Somebody from ITS e-mail me & I’ll send it.


  • Texas Hooligan

    Looks like I will be there with bells on. See you all there.

  • MF Kingsnake

    820/Pipeline rd, what a small world. I grew up in the neighborhood where that shopping area is now. My house was directly behind the donut shop very close where that Starbucks is now. I crrently live in PHX. I will participate in the buycott.

  • mjh2104

    Just did my part in St. Pete, FL. Had my patch and my cash and just got my morning coffee to support the “buycott” on Starbucks Appreciation Day.

  • Jord Hawkins

    Well I’m not able to make it to Fort Worth today since I live in Ontario, Canada but I did head down to Starbucks and purchased a coffee and a gift card for the wife!

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