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Support the 2nd Amendment and Stick it to the National Gun Victims Action Council this Valentine’s Day

By Bryan Black

A few people, including our friends at The Survival Podcast, have brought an issue to our attention that we all need to support and supporters of the 2nd Amendment.

The National Gun Victims Action Council has decided to start a movement for all anti-gun supporters to boycott Starbucks this Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2012. In response to this boycott, a few bloggers have started a Starbucks Appreciation Day “buycott” to counter the NGVAC’s rally.

To participate in the Starbucks Appreciation Day, the call-out is to grab a few $2 bills (which justly portrays the signing of the Declaration of Independence on the reverse of the $2 bill) and head to Starbucks on Valentine’s Day to buy a few cups of coffee. Even if you can’t source $2 bills from your bank, make your presence known!

How do you do that and why all this pressure on Starbucks? Glad you asked!

Starbucks and the 2nd Amendment

As a whole, Starbucks has never done anything other than to support the local laws where their shops are located. This means that if that State/County allows Concealed Carry, then so do they. Click here to read about the original issue with the Brady Campaign we covered here back in 2010.

When Starbucks came under pressure from such circus animals as the Brady Campaign, it prompted the crew of and OP Tactical to produce the awesome Guns and Coffee Patch back in the spring of 2010.

This was the first iteration of any kind of pro-gun Starbucks patch and will always be the true patch for supporting the movement. Pick yours up today from OP Tactical  (in traditional green & white or subdued as seen on the right) and even if you can’t buy a cup of joe with a $2 bill on Valentine’s Day, you can always walk in wearing a Guns and Coffee Patch and as the Brady Campaign put it, “intimidate patrons” with your open or concealed carry!

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  • Omer Baker

    Even in Illinois, where our rights are constantly violated, my wife and I are already planning on going to show our support on St Val Day. Neither of us drink coffee, but we’re going to get some hot chocolates and maybe a couple of muffins. The $2 bills are an awesome idea! Totally ingenious way to let them know the pro 2A public is behind the businesses that are behind us.

  • Kenny

    I admit that open carry might “intimidate” people. But, how can someone who is carrying a concealed weapon intimidate other people? I don’t know about other states, but according to The Great State of Texas, the definition of a “Concealed Handgun” is “a handgun, the presence of which is not openly discernible to the ordinary observation of a reasonable person.” In other words, if you’re following the letter of the law, nobody else (besides maybe a trained professional or someone else who carries) should know that you are carrying a handgun, therefore no one should be “intimidated.”

    And another thing, if these knuckleheads don’t like seeing people carrying guns when they go into their local Starbucks, then they should turn around and get the frak out. Starbucks has just as much right to allow guns (concealed or open carry) in their stores as other businesses have in NOT allowing them.

  • Red_Reign_Six

    You can find a lot of $2 bills at a local casino. My casino in AZ has tons of them; just ask them to exchange your bills for any $2 bills they have! 🙂 Great idea about Starbucks, I’ll be there!

  • xpo172

    I wish I could buy a cup of Starbucks for $2.

    • Reddog245

      You can, it’s just not frilly. For fun, go in and ask for “a tall hot blond.” That will get you a regular cup of coffee of their new blond roast for $1.79 here. If my civilized half is with me, I’ll say, “Even though I prefer medium sized redheads, I’ll settle for a tall blond.” That way I can get either a chuckle or a smirk from the counter help, and a brownie point from the wife.

  • Erik Brown

    can always walk in wearing a Guns and Coffee Patch and as the Brady Campaign put it, “intimidate patrons” with your open or concealed carry!

    don’t feed the trolls! intimidating them will just give them more fuel for the fire.

    They tried this with Target and Starbucks no too long ago and failed, it will fail again. It’s like national don’t buy gas day.

  • johnyD

    Buying a starbucks coffee for something like $8.75 is enough to intimidate even me. Seriously, a tall Pike Place in a grande cup, standing in line wearing some tac gear and shooting glasses, yes, it’s a good day to exercise- Was dissapointed that I missed the first run of 2010 patches, glad I got one this time! Thanks Op Tac!

  • Bama

    If seeing your fellow law abiding citizens wearing handguns on their hips “intimidates” you’re going to freak right the hell out over THIS: psst… no matter where you GO you’re likely to be around people with guns on ’em. You just can’t SEE those weapons; they’re concealed. But they’re there, and the people who carry them are ready to protect themselves, and you, should a bad guy decide to snap and open fire. But if simply seeing my gun on my belt makes you nervous you you really shouldn’t be leaving your house anyway. You’re frightened much too easily, and by the wrong things; the kind of people you need to be afraid of never carry their guns openly and they don’t apply for concealed licenses. They can’t; they’re not supposed to HAVE one.

    • Paul Hacker

      Amen to that!!!

  • Rabbit

    i would use the $2 bill for the tip jar so everyone can see the support. a whole jar of $2 bills would be a great statement. im not sure if starbucks has one though. i havent been in one in years. i also didnt know that they supported us.

  • John Rosalia

    I hope everyone will be doing this again this year!! I will DEFINATELY be here in NEW YORK!.

  • Randy

    Might need to print this articles out and give it to starbucks counter help so they know whats going on

  • Amber

    Good to know. I was under the impression they didn’t support the 2nd amendment. Thanks!

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