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Lighten Up Your Wallet with the New Urban Slim Wallet!

By The ITS Crew

Ditch your “Costanza” wallet for a new Keysmart Urban Slim Wallet and your back will thank you. These ultra-thin and durable wallets hold up to 6 cards and feature a dedicated cash pocket. Read on below for more information!

Urban Slim Wallet

Urban Slim Wallet 01

Made from premium Techtuff® Leather, these wallets feature a slim design, RFID protection and easy-slide thumb slots for quick card access on both sides.

Available in Charcoal Black and Stone Grey, these Urban Slim Wallets measure 3.95” Tall x 2.65” Wide and .4” Thick.

Urban Slim Wallet 02

Additionally, each wallet includes a dedicated pocket for a Tile Slim. (Not Included.) For those users that don’t have a Tile Slim, we’ve found that the pocket works perfectly to store the Flat Titanium Bogota® Entry Toolset. (Also not included.)

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