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New Bushcraft and Physical Security Products Available in the ITS Store

By The ITS Crew

New ITS Products

Today we’re really excited to add some new products to the ITS Shop! We’ve added a mixture of useful items for the backcountry, as well as the urban wilderness. We’re also proud that each of these new products are made in the USA. Read on for the product details and information on how to order.

Ti Entry Toolset

Ti Entry Toolset

Ti Entry Toolset

The Ti Entry Toolset is made from aircraft-grade Titanium and each pick measures approximately 3.15 inches long. The set includes a Hook, Double, Triple and for the first time, a Quad Rake. There’s also a flat double-sided Tensioner included as well. To round out the offering, we’ve included a PVC case featuring four pockets for the tools/tensioner on one side and a pocket for credit cards or business cards on the opposite side. When in the PVC case, the entire set fits nicely in most wallets.

Click here to pick up the new Ti Entry Toolset.

ITS Brass Fire Starter

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ITS Brass Firestarter

In our search for a lightweight, yet heavy duty fire starter, we came up with one that’s easier to hold and spark. By creating a wider purchase area and going with an oversize wheel, the ITS Brass Fire Starter is strong enough to last and throws a larger spark than any other survival sparker we’ve come across.

Built out of tough and durable brass, the ITS Brass Fire Starter can provide an incredible amount of sparks throughout its life and is easily refillable should your flint run out. There are three ways to open the bottom to replace the flint, you can either simply turn the thumb screw, use a small flat head screwdriver, or even insert a small piece of metal into the hole in the thumb screw.

Click here to order the new ITS Brass Fire Starter.

Tinder-Quik Fire Tabs (10-Pack)

Tinder-Quik Fire Tabs

Tinder-Quik Fire Tabs

Each cotton Tinder-Quik Fire Tab is coated in wax for protection from water and burns for 2-3 minutes when lit. Compact and lightweight, these fire starting aids are the perfect addition to your wilderness bushcraft kit.

The best method for getting a Tinder-Quik to light quickly is to spread open the Fire Tab on either end so the inner fibers become exposed. Pull gently to keep the entire Tinder-Quik intact and light with your fire starter.

Click here to get a 10-pack of the new Tinder-Quik Fire Tabs.

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