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New First Aid Options for Both Man and Beast

By The ITS Crew

Today we’re proud to not only be updating our ITS First Aid Kit™ to a single more full-featured version, but also launching our brand new K-9 First Aid Kit! Our Expiration Refresh Pack for the ITS First Aid Kit™ has also been updated to better reflect the items that expire in the newly revamped kit. Read on below for more information on these kits!

ITS K-9 First Aid Kit

K-9 First Aid Kit 01

The ITS K-9 First Aid Kit is a full-featured kit for treating animal injuries. While there are similarities between this kit and our other first aid offerings, the K-9 First Aid Kit contains components for specific canine treatment.

K-9 First Aid Kit 02

If you’re looking for a great storage solution for the kit, look no further than the ITS Gizmo Lite Bag. These bags fit the individual K-9 First Aid Kit components perfectly and allow you to either attach the Gizmo Lite to a loop surface or stash it wherever you see fit. Each K-9 First Aid Kit also includes a durable K-9 Med PVC Patch that fits perfectly on the outside of our Gizmo Lite Bag!

The ITS K-9 First Aid Kit comes in a durable polybag with several components internally organized in smaller polybags, so you can easily locate and identify what you’re looking for.

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Newly Redesigned ITS First Aid Kit™

Boo Boo Kit 01

The ITS First Aid Kit™ is the ultimate full-featured First Aid Kit that’s cost-efficient without sacrificing component quality. Not every medical situation calls for a Trauma Kit and the likelihood of needing a Band-Aid® is much greater than needing a trauma kit. In any case, we’ve got you covered for that too with our ETA Trauma Kit.

Boo Boo Kit 02

The ITS First Aid Kit™ resealable bag utilizes the same TruFlex™ material found in our ETA Trauma Kit, making it extremely durable and flexible. The exterior is printed with a full contents list on one side and the other features an area to list your emergency information. TruFlex™ material supports writing with most permanent markers and dries almost instantly.

Boo Boo Kit 03

The ITS First Aid Kit™ contents are organized inside for quick identification and there’s plenty of room to fit a few additional items like the ACE Brand Instant Cold Compress or the QuikClot EMS 4×4 Dressing (each available as an add-on product.) These kits fit perfectly inside our ITS Nylon Zip Bag (Medical Edition). Tucking the kit with the bag’s resealable top section into the Zip Bag provides quick access to work directly out of the ITS First Aid Kit™ without having to remove it.

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Updated Expiration Refresh Pack

The ITS Expiration Refresh Pack provides a solution for the expiring or often used components from our ITS First Aid Kit™. We’ve created this pack to offer a more cost-effective method for replacing these components in your ITS First Aid Kit™, without having to purchase an entirely new kit.

Each ITS Expiration Refresh Pack contains the same quantities of each expirable item originally found in the ITS First Aid Kit™.

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