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New ITS Tactical Phone Wallpapers!

By The ITS Crew

Our designer Matt has come up with some killer new phone wallpapers we’ve attached below for your download delight.

They’re currently sized at 640px wide by 960px tall to fit the new iPhone 4, but if you guys find that they don’t fit your device, just post a comment with the model of your phone and what size you require and we’ll get an idea of who has what and the sizes we’ll need.

We hope you like the new phone wallpapers, we’ve got a bunch of cool ITS backgrounds coming soon for your desktop, iPad and phones. We’ve also got Plank Owner and Crew Leader specific ones in the works too. Not to mention a Crew Leader Forum signature image for our Crew Leaders that have been patiently waiting!

Some of our readers have also created some noteworthy backgrounds that you can find in our Forum here and on our ITS Reader Photos Flickr Group for download.

ITS Tactical Phone Wallpapers

The images you see below are linked to the corresponding image in our Flickr Photostream. Once at the wallpaper on Flickr, click on the magnifying glass icon to the upper right to enlarge the image. Once enlarged you can click “All Sizes” to be taken to a new page with the original image size to download or simply click this link to download the first wallpaper or this link to download the second with the American Flag.

ITS Phone Wallpaper 02

ITS Phone Wallpaper 01

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  • Joshua

    Could you make those for a HTC Hero?

    Screen size 320X480


  • Robert Gordon

    T-Mobile G2
    480 x 800

  • word… thx, updating my iphone & ipad with these

  • SwissFreek

    I would love to throw these up on my Droid, which is 854×480.

    • SwissFreek

      My mistake, the wallpaper size is 960×480 because of the width of the different panels on the home screen. So the 960 is the width, not the height.

  • ian

    can you make a wallpaper with just the distressed ITS logo?

  • These would look great on my HTC Incredible, which I believe uses 960×800

  • Fits my Samsung SGH-A767 perfectly!

  • Keith

    Yeah same here for all the DROID users.
    Myself, DROID-2. it’s annoying to resize the pic to fit the mulitple home screens.
    And where’s the DROID app for the ITS site. ?

  • Drew

    How about 320×240 for the Blackberry please.


  • Greg

    Another Droid user.. these look sweet!

  • Those are some amazing designs! Killer!

  • C. Schilke

    Samsung Droid Charge
    800 x 480

    I have been messing with these all night and I can’t make them work at all. Then again my skills are weak at best.

  • TankerrobM1A1

    HTC EVO 4G Droid

  • Mike

    iPhone 5 Please: 1136 x 640

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