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New ITS Tactical iPhone Wallpaper

By The ITS Crew

We’ve just created a new iPhone Wallpaper and wanted to share it with everyone!

You may remember our last wallpaper we created, which is still available here. Many people let us know that it worked on other phones such as a Blackberry, so this new image should be no exception.

On your iPhone, navigate to  this link and  hold your finger down on the resulting 600px x 800px image until the “Save Image” option appears.

After saving, pull up the image in your photos (Camera Roll) and select “Use as Wallpaper” from the bottom left icon menu.

We’ve also uploaded the image to our  ITS Reader Photos Flickr Group for anyone else who’d like to use it.

Enjoy the awesomeness!

UPDATE: Here’s a new 640px x 480px size for Android users! Click Here!

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    Very cool and I have already put it as the background on my phone. However I do have a flag etiquette question. Shouldn’t the stars be on the left side on the image? I am not sure but I figured you would know more than me. Thanks in advance ITS!!!

    • Yep, just fixed that, please update your image… Major FAIL! Don’t assume we know more than you LOL!!
      Guess we need to do a Flag Etiquette article, because we’re getting sloppy!

      ~ Bryan

  • redscann

    Nice image! Any chance for a 640×480 for an android? Your image width is 600 so it distorts if I try to resize it in photoshop.

    • Sure, we’ll try to get one up later this evening! Thanks for your support!

    • redscann, didn’t forget about you! we’ll get that android background up today.

    • Android size is up brother! Update link in red above has the 640 x 480 size you requested. Thanks for your support!

      ~ Bryan

  • 5Solas

    A great wallpaper…what are the odds of getting them at higher resolution for computer desktops?

    • We’ll do it! Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Keydet

    Love the iPhone/other phone backgrounds. Any chance of desktop sized backgrounds? I’ve had the basic ITS logo as my background, but I’d love a more involved one. Maybe a chance for someone to show off their photoshop skills?

  • rkuntz

    OK. This simply rocks hard.

    Not only did you come up with a nifty image, you made the instructions simple enough for 50-year-old guy to figure out.

    Actually like the old black image better, but was able to link through ti it, follow the instructions and now have the cleaved skull for a background on my Blackberry.

    Old dog –> new trick.

    • Awesome! You act like 50 is ancient though LOL. You can’t even get a discount at the movie theatre yet!!

    • rkuntz

      Yeah, but AARP sends you mail and you can shoot senior division with IDPA.

    • LOL… I was a senior in High School and College too 😉

      ~ Bryan


  • Destruction84

    Any one have trouble downloading the wall paper I hold my finger down on the pic on my iPhone 3gs and nothing happens

  • Rob

    Awesome new background, I’m now rocking it on my iphone at NTC!

  • ATF

    Hey Bryan,
    Can you dudes make some new backgrounds for the iPhone 4? The ones above don’t look too good on the Retina display.

    • Do you know what the dimensions and resolution requirements are for the iPhone 4? I don’t have the 4 yet.

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