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New ITS Tactical Desktop Wallpapers

By Mike Petrucci

Now is your chance to show your ITS Tactical pride! The first batch of official ITS Tactical desktop wallpapers are ready for download.

Even thought the iPhone wallpapers are still just hot off the press, we thought that you would enjoy something a little larger for your home or work computer.

There are 4 different versions of wallpapers and an assortment of sizes for each. For optimum resolution (or should I say “optimum awesomeness“) be sure to pick the size that is closest to your display. For example, a 15” Apple MacBook Pro has a max resolution of 1440×900.

ITS Skulls Background


Red White & Blue U.S. Flag

Red White & Blue U.S. Flag Distressed

The links you find above are to the “sets” on Flickr, and since all the images look the same in a set you’ll have to click the image to see its title and corresponding size.

Once you find the wallpaper you like, click on “All Sizes” (it’s directly above the image) and you should be taken to a new page with a larger image.   This may or may not be the image you want. To check, there should now be a row that says “Available sizes:” and you are looking for the “Original” sized image.   If “Original” is already selected then just right click and save to your computer.   If “Original” is not selected, click it and the full resolution image should load.

Let us know which wallpapers you are using and if you have any “in action” shots be sure to upload them to the ITS Tactical Readers Photos pool on Flickr!

UPDATE! Plank Owners can now download the Exclusive Plank Owner Desktop Wallpaper here!


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