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New Products! Mini PVC Patches and SOF-T Wide Tourniquets!

By The ITS Crew

We just completed adding some awesomeness to the ITS Tactical Store a few minutes ago and are super excited to be offering our first PVC patch design!

Our friend Mil-Spec Monkey has recently started offering PVC patches and since he’s our mastermind patch designer, we inquired about an ITS PVC design. A lot of you have been asking about a smaller ITS Patch, so here you go, the Mini PVC ITS Patch!

We’re also proud to now be offering what we feel is the very best tourniquet on the market today, the brand new Tactical Medical Solutions 1.5″ SOF Tactical Tourniquet.

The SOFTT-W is the result of an exhaustive 24 month research initiative compiling end-user research and laboratory studies to develop a more effective, easier to use tourniquet for all environments.

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  • Just ordered 2 of the Patches !!!
    (& a couple more stickers to)

  • Any word on new t-shirts? I’ve got a holey one that needs replacing.

  • Daniel Garcia

    You guys are killing me here. LOL!
    I just ordered some patches and stickers and counting the days when they arrive and now you have a “mini PVC?”
    Love to have this for my EDC bag and gear bag at work.
    Hope you still have some in stock come payday. 🙂

  • Hmm… cart is erroring when trying to add the pvc patches to cart… totally breaks… I’ll try again later.

    Those Tourniquet’s are awesome… wish I had a need for them :/

  • Fucking want!

    I second the T-Shirt motion. I really really want some ITS duds.


  • Sweet just ordered some patches and stickers.
    + 4 or 5 on the shirts!

  • Just ordered 5. Hope you ordered some stock cause these are going to go fast!

    I love these I have some skull ranger eyes from TAD and love’em!

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