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SHOT Show 2011 Coverage: The Best of Day Four

By The ITS Crew

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One. Last. Day. Even with the best plans you have to be flexible. This is more true than ever at the SHOT Show. You plan on visiting a specific booth, but stop at five on the way only to realize you have a meeting in 5 minutes that’s on the other side of the show floor!

It was great having enough boots on the ground to do some serious coverage and hopefully you’ve enjoyed our updates on Twitter & Facebook. We had a blast! Without further ado here’s our Best of Day Four.

Best of Day 4

  • LWRC M6A2 6.8 PSD – Fail Zero EXO coating, LWRC shortie stock and proprietary polymer 6.8 mags
  • 300 AAC Blackout – New 7.62 x 35mm  round and custom upper
  • Rocky C4T – Comfortable, flexible, lightweight (.95 oz) boot
  • Diamondhead Premium “Auto-Ranger” Front Sight – Easy compensation for (5.56) bullet drop out to 600 yards
  • TNVC Universal Refocus Lens – Allows for rapid short-distance focus for up close work like
  • TNVC WASP – Facial Recognition out to 250+ meters in a night vision package under 5k.
  • Camelbak Urban Assault Concealed – Backpack with two concealed locations for handguns
  • MMI Outdoor Enhanced Bednet System – Insanely fast to open, full featured and inexpensive
  • S.O. Tech Mission Pack, Mico – Rides high and close, full of internal velcro
  • OTTE Gear Sniper Anorak – eVent fabric construction with the ability to easily add natural foliage
  • Surefire Minimus Headlamp – Variable output easy to use headlamp
  • Telluric Group Small Arms Collimator – Weapon zero in seconds without live fire
  • Kifaru Ultralight Series Backpacks – 5200 cu. in. model weighs 2 lbs. 13 oz.

We’d like to thank the numerous amount of fans that stopped us to say hi, it was awesome to see just how many people knew ITS Tactical!. Thank you as well to those of you that couldn’t make it to the SHOT Show and followed coverage online. You’re are the reason we do this!

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We’re already looking forward to next year and planning out our coverage. Rest assured that you can only expect the best out of ITS Tactical and we want to remain your top choice. We’ll have a wrap up post coming soon that details some of these great products we saw at SHOT Show 2011.

Stay tuned for a couple of upcoming contests too! We’ve got a ton of swag from this years SHOT Show and that we want to give to YOU!

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