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SHOT Show 2011 Coverage: The Best of Day One

By The ITS Crew

2 of 5 in the series SHOT Show 2011

Today was the first day of the 2011 SHOT Show and what a day it was! We met a ton of awesome people, saw some great new advancements in the industry and best of all, met a bunch of our members and supporters!

Here’s what we felt was just a small sampling of all the great new products we came across today at the show.

Best of Day 1

  • Propper / A-TACS “Combat Uniform”
  • Danner “Fast Rope” Boots
  • LBT Deployment Bag w/ Reinforced Straps
  • Sig50 .50 BMG Rifle
  • Mayflower R&C Backpack
  • Surefire X300 Compact (Single CR123 Battery)
  • Sig Sauer P226 Enhanced Elite
  • Gerber Cable Dawg
  • Patriot3 Maritime JetBoots and Micro Nav Board

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A huge thank you to all those who support ITS Tactical and everyone we’ve had the good fortune of meeting in this industry. It’s truly been exciting to see how we’ve grown!

Don’t forget to  follow our tweets on Twitter for the most timely updates from the SHOT Show this week (there are photos we’ll attach there too) as well as  Facebook and right here at ITS Tactical!

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  • Steven Simmons

    Love the new LaRue Tacical Predator rifles, definitely going to have to get my hands on one and just see how light it is at the next LaRue Tactical Range Day. Which y’all need to attend next time!

    Also, since I am currently in school to be a Network Admin, that Gerber Cable Dog is now on the top of my “Want” List! That thing would be perfect, not having to carry 4 different tools around with me would make it so much easier to run cable. Hopefully it will get some good reviews and be worth it.

    Keep the pictures and posts coming guys, y’all are doing a excellent job!

    • Steven Simmons

      One other thing, any chance there can be a knot of the week on how to do the red/green lanyard in picture 92?

    • Andrew

      You mean the grey and red keyfob thingme?

      Its often done with plastic hosing called scoubidou but it can be done with rope as well (I do something similar on all of my small folding knives.

  • Great stuff guys. Wish I was there. That’s the ultimate candy store right there

  • Blade Staker

    Great photo coverage! Makes me mad because I’m not there. LOL!

  • Very cool Day 1 coverage guys! I think the general consensus will be “wish I was there!” Haha

  • JohnnyB

    I’ll have one of each, please.

  • Now you guys really have me excited to be there tomorrow. Great First day coverage!!

  • Mustang0268

    Dear Santa….

  • Ian

    Hey thanks for the GREAT coverage! Curious in the LBT booth what vest is that on the mannequin? Is that a 6094 slick but with the addition of MOLLE? Hard to tell because it looks to have 6094 shoulder pads and the MOLLE pouches mounted directly to the carrier but it also appears to have a 6094 slick vest’s built in admin pouch.. Thanks for any clarification you may add..

  • Wayne Lewis

    I just wanted to thank you guys for posting all the photos and keeping guys like me in the loop about what’s going on at Shot Show. There are a lot of us here in asscrackistan that really appreciate it. Keep up the great work men.


    • Wayne, we all appreciate the troops overseas that are fighting the good fight!
      The thank goes to you,
      ~Eric S.

    • Victor J DeMicco

      what up Wayne, it’s Tank…completely agree with you statement about ITS…Thanks Guy”s!!!

  • Justin


    Where did you see the patch with the fins and skull on that cammie uniform. That’s pretty cool. The gear from Patriot 3 Maritime was some of the coolest gear there so far..

  • Shaken Not Stirred

    Are you able to label the images that you post? There is a lot of great imagery there, but it would be even more valuable with labels indicating exactly what it is you’re imaging.

    • I’m uploading photos to Flickr as we speak and I’m adding comments to go with them. The upload and organization takes a good amount of time, I know Mike P was up till about 0300 this morning working on them.
      ~Eric S.

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  • Kevin

    Anybody have a link to the manufacturer of the EMT shearers holster seen in the chest area of the Combat Diver kit worn by the manikin on the ‘best of day one’ photo collage?

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