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SHOT Show 2014: Media Day Live Coverage

By The ITS Crew

SHOT Show 2014 Media Day

SHOT Show is the largest trade show of its kind covering shooting sports, outdoor, hunting and law enforcement industries. Stay tuned for live coverage coming from the 2014 SHOT Show Media Day at the Range.

This post will update throughout the day as our coverage continues, so check back often for all the awesomeness! All new content will be posted at the top so there’s no need to scroll down, simply keep refreshing the page to view posts as we send them in.

Operation Raptor Truck

Operation Raptor Truck

Operation Raptor Truck

Operation Raptor Truck

Operation Raptor Truck

–1611– Operation Raptor was started to raise awareness and funds for critically injured Special Forces Operators. This 2013 Ford SVT SuperCrew Raptor honors 70 years of Navy SEAL service, sacrifice and dedication. Airbrushed by Mickey Harris, this trucks artwork tells a story going back to WWII in 1943 to today. This is one of six custom airbrushed military Ford pickups that will tour the country. Read more about the mission on Operation Raptor. ^MP


Wrap Up

–1353– We had an awesome time at the SHOT Show Media Day at the Range event. We initially had flashbacks from the freezing temps last year but it was truly a gorgeous day to spend outdoors. We’re headed to the ATAC Range Day to see what’s new and catch up with friends. Traditionally this has been a restricted event and photos are frowned upon due to OPSEC. If you don’t see anymore photos from us today, check back first thing tomorrow for Day 1 coverage from the SHOT Show floor. ^MP


Bryan and Craig

–1334– Always great running into Craig Sawyer! We appreciate him being a huge supporter of ITS over the years. ^BB


Trigger Group

–1247– Up close shot of the drop in Tac-Con Third-Mode-Reset Select Fire System. I liked it, but need more time with it to see the merits over running a normal trigger group quickly. ^BB


Bryan Trigger Group

–1244– Bryan testing out the new Tac-Con 3MR trigger system from Tactical Fire Control. Three mode drop in trigger and the third mode has a positive reset characteristic. The key is to stay light on the trigger. $495 retail, BATFE compliant and non NFA. Visit Tac-Con for more information. ^MP


NFA Triggers

–1221– At the Tac-Con USA booth to try out the non-NFA select-fire trigger system and see what it’s all about. ^BB




–1212– Slick looking carbon fiber wrap on a truck from PROOF Research.


Range Day Overview

Range Day Overview

–1206– Just an overview of what’s out here for Range Day. ^MP


Topo Case

Topo Case

Topo Case

–1127– The TopoCharger is the first iPhone case with built in topo maps by Trimble Outdoors and MyTopo. Built in battery pack can double the life of your phone. Start at $149 and come preloaded with a map of your state. You can order other state maps and install via Micro SD. ^MP


HQ Vehicle

HQ vehicle

–1121– New ITS HQ vehicle?


Blue Force Gear Sling

–1119– The 2-2 1-Sling from Blue Force Gear is a quick way to transform a rifle sling from 2 point to single point. The padded variant is $95 and non padded is $85. ^MP


Otis Ripcord

–1116– The Otis Ripcord aims to be the most effective one pass cleaning option available. It features a steel cable with a nomex material and is heat resistant up to 700 F. ^MP


FLIR Sight

FLIR Sight

–1105– The new FLIR R-Series is the first commercial thermal sight for non-game hunting and it starts under $3,500. This model is the RS 64 1.1-9x and priced at $6,499. Resolution is 640×480 and equivalent to a 35mm lens. This scope also features video out through USB.  Click here to check it out! ^MP


Lancer Mags

–1103– Another view of the new L7AWM Magazines from Lancer. ^BB



–1053– Bryan had a lot of fun shooting the Lancer Systems LTR. Designed, tooled, manufactured and assembled in the USA. Featured a relief cut on one side to facilitate loading while shooting prone. ^MP



–1041– This is the new L7AWM (Advanced Warfighter Magazine) for 7.62x51mm. Stainless rear feed lip and stainless front guard should keep wear at a minimum. Made in USA and available in 5, 10 or 20 round versions. ^MP


Lancer 308

Lancer 308

Lancer 308

Lancer 308

–1035– The L30 Heavy Metal from Lancer Systems. This was chambered in .308. Look for other variations of the L30 rifle series in other calibers at Lancer Systems.


Glock 41

–1022– The Glock 41 is a .45 that shoots like a 9mm. Great weight distribution. ^MP


Glock 42

–1015– Bryan wanted to test out the G42. Remarkably accurate for being so small. ^MP


Range Rules

–1013– Range rules.  You should know this but just in case,  here’s a refresher.  ^MP


Glock 42 and iPhone

–1010– The Glock 42 isn’t much larger than an iPhone! ^MP


Glock 42

–1006– Kelly shooting the new Glock 42. 6 round magazine of. 380 and it’s their newest and smallest pistol. Comfortable and lightweight too. ^MP


Eyes and Ears

–0949– Eyes and ears on! Time for checking out what’s new at the range. ^MP



–0900– On our way to the SHOT Show Media Day at the Range!  Absolutely gorgeous weather and not a cloud in the sky.  ^MP

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