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Win a Signed Copy of “How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL” by Chris Sajnog!

By Bryan Black

How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL

If you’re looking for a solid resource to further your understanding of shooting fundamentals, I highly recommend you get a hold of Chris Sajnog’s new book, How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL (Combat Marksmanship Fundamentals). Chris is the founder of Center Mass Group, where he and his team offer elite level weapons and tactics training to military, paramilitary, law enforcement and civilian consumers.

This book offers an inside look at what techniques Navy SEALs learn during their weapons training. His history includes working as the leading SEAL Sniper Instructor, SEAL Qualification Training (SQT) Instructor, Master Training Specialist (MTS), BUD/S and Advanced Training Marksmanship Instructor.

Chris has been gracious enough to supply us with 5 autographed copies of his new book to be given away to 5 lucky individuals. Some of the topics that Chris discusses in his book are shooting platforms, grip, sight refinement, sight picture, breathing, trigger control and follow-through. This isn’t just a re-wording of the fundamentals, but rather an explanation of why these fundamentals are so important.

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How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL

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  • briantimmer

    RT “ITStactical: Win a Signed Copy of “How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL” by Chris Sajnog of CenterMassGroup!”

  • KenJones1

    I’ve already bought the book.  I really like the book.  It’s basic fundamentals, but it’s also the first explanation of how to properly get a proper sight-hand-forearm alignment if  you’re cross eye dominant.  I don’t know it it was so simple that no one bothered to explain it or no one knew.  Being 52 years old, having been in the military and presently a police officer, you know how many classes I’ve attended on firearms handling.  This is the first o explain cross eye dominant sight alignment.  I was already a decent shooter.  This one tip has made me even better, because if you can control the recoil better you can better keep focus on the front sight and get back on target quicker.  If you don’t win a book, buy one.

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