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SHOT Show 2017: Day 1 Live Coverage

By The ITS Crew

SHOT Show is the largest trade show of its kind covering shooting sports, outdoor, hunting and law enforcement industries. Stay tuned for live coverage coming from Day 1 of SHOT Show 2017!

This post will update throughout the day as our coverage continues, so check back often for all the awesomeness! All new content will be posted at the top so there’s no need to scroll down, simply keep refreshing the page to view posts as we send them in.


–1730– That’s a wrap for Day 1 of SHOT Show 2017! Don’t forget, if you’re in Las Vegas, be sure to make it out to the ITS + PDW Bowling Battle Royale!



–1620– Command 20 (wild land, firefighter, tactical variants) NVG mount light from Fox Fury. Battery pack is on the back, slide switch allows modification. ^MNS



–1555– The Badger Ordnance Low Profile Harris Mount (LPHM) is designed to replace the current Harris mounting plate with a slimmer profile plate and features relocated adjustment buttons to extend the legs, so they don’t deploy when slamming them into a barricade. Awesome idea! ^BB



–1553– The Badger Ordnance M134 Compact Precision Rifle available in either .308 or 6.5 Creedmoor, featuring a 16″ barrel. ^BB



–1551–Badger Ordnance K4 / K5 is designed to mount a Kestrel 4000 or 5000 Weather Meter to any picatinny rail. ^BB


shot-show-day-one-134 shot-show-day-one-135

–1545– Nightforce developed an interesting carbon fiber tripod. Not only does it function as a tripod and bipod, but two of the legs unscrew and become trekking poles! It weighs about 3 lbs. total as well. ^BB



–1538– New MIL-C reticle from Nightforce for more precise wind call adjustments.



–1535– Always have hand sanitizer at the ready during SHOT Show!


shot-show-day-one-129 shot-show-day-one-130

–1531– 2017 updates to the Arc’teryx Khard pack include removable pads on the waist strap and additional padding on the shoulder straps.


shot-show-day-one-124 shot-show-day-one-125 shot-show-day-one-126 shot-show-day-one-127 shot-show-day-one-128

–1520– 10 Year Anniversary of the Magpul PMAG. ^ES


shot-show-day-one-140 shot-show-day-one-141 shot-show-day-one-142 shot-show-day-one-143 shot-show-day-one-144 shot-show-day-one-145 shot-show-day-one-146 shot-show-day-one-117 shot-show-day-one-120

–1519– This is Silencerco’s Maxim 9, with an integrated suppressor, fed by standard Glock magazines. Depending on ammunition used, it ranges from 130 db to 137 db. Currently in production and available for order. The Maxim 9 has two serial numbers, one for the suppressor frame and one for the handgun frame and does require an ATF suppressor stamp. Currently in production and available for order. ^MNS



–1517– Altama OTB Maritime shoes releasing in June and available in low or mid-height. Vented to expel water for over the beach operations and look casual enough for daily wear. Could easily pass as Chucks 🙂 ^BB


shot-show-day-one-110 shot-show-day-one-111 shot-show-day-one-112 shot-show-day-one-113 shot-show-day-one-114

–1512– Raine INC is well known in the Army circles as they supply items at the PX. What you might not know is they produce items for various other manufactures. They have been in business for over 30 years and are still going strong. ^ES



–1448– Some sweet stocks from G&A Precision.


shot-show-day-one-98 shot-show-day-one-99 shot-show-day-one-100 shot-show-day-one-101–1443– Need to conceal your rifle and gear? Sneaky Bags is offering Berry Compliant materials and quality craftsmanship in a variety of sizes. ^ES


shot-show-day-one-106 shot-show-day-one-107 shot-show-day-one-108 shot-show-day-one-109 shot-show-day-one-92 shot-show-day-one-93 shot-show-day-one-94 shot-show-day-one-95

–1418– The SilencerCo booth is always unique. This year it’s a bit smaller but still one of the coolest booths at the show. ^ES


shot-show-day-one-103 shot-show-day-one-104 shot-show-day-one-105

–1414– Daniel Defense has some awesome offerings this year!



–1410– Carbon fiber reinforced DD Magazine on a DDM V7 from Daniel Defense.


shot-show-day-one-88 shot-show-day-one-89 shot-show-day-one-90

–1405– Daniel Defense Ambush, 18″ barrel in God’s Own Caliber (308), hydro dipped in Kryptek Highlander pattern.


shot-show-day-one-87 shot-show-day-one-86

–1402– The Daniel Defense booth is jam packed!! ^ES


shot-show-day-one-116 shot-show-day-one-83 shot-show-day-one-84 shot-show-day-one-85

–1400– Accuracy International AX 50, large calibers, great distances, fantastic accuracy. ^MNS



–1358–Broken down Accuracy International Precision rifle in a small Pelican case.


shot-show-day-one-80 shot-show-day-one-81

–1355– Additional offerings from LBX.


shot-show-day-one-78 shot-show-day-one-79

–1352– LBX Mach 5 line. This is a soft shell outer with an internal dry bag. ^ES



–1350–N-Vision Optics new WFOV (wide field of view) PVS-15 is impressive! 80 degree field of view as shown at the bottom vs. traditional PVS-14 and its 40 degree field of view shown in the upper left.


shot-show-day-one-75 shot-show-day-one-76 shot-show-day-one-77

–1346–N-Vision’s new WFOV (wide field of view) PVS-15, offering up 80 degrees of vision without sacrificing resolution, size, weight, or power consumption. ^MNS





shot-show-day-one-69 shot-show-day-one-70 shot-show-day-one-65 shot-show-day-one-67 shot-show-day-one-68

–1333– Quad Release Carrier 6094 QRC armor plate carrier from LBT. Push and pull release hardware, no tubes, better coverage. Lower profile, could be ready by late this year. Currently being tested by the FBI. ^MNS


shot-show-day-one-60 shot-show-day-one-62 shot-show-day-one-63

–1322– LBX 40L base shell packs meant to store modular inserts in various configurations. You can access the interior from the slash zipper or bottom. While not water proof, they’re water resistant and geared toward the “non-tactical” outdoor market. ^ES


shot-show-day-one-96 shot-show-day-one-97

–1318– Some additional offerings from OR.


shot-show-day-one-71 shot-show-day-one-72 shot-show-day-one-56 shot-show-day-one-57 shot-show-day-one-58 shot-show-day-one-59

–1316– Outdoor Research’s Swoop Mitt Shell allows a shooter to have the advantages of mittens, but be able to slide his or her entire hand through the fingers opening to shoot, then retract into the mitten again. ^MNS


shot-show-day-one-55 shot-show-day-one-53 shot-show-day-one-54

–1312– OR Prometheus heated gloves with two battery packs and three different heat settings. OR continues to impress with its glove line. ^ES


shot-show-day-one-74 shot-show-day-one-51 shot-show-day-one-52

–1305– Outdoor Research PCU level 2 system which is a wool blend base layer. Wool naturally wicking and doesn’t hold in body odors. ^ES


shot-show-day-one-50 shot-show-day-one-47 shot-show-day-one-48 shot-show-day-one-49

–1121– Crye offerings this year. ^ES


shot-show-day-one-45 shot-show-day-one-46

–1116– The Crye Six12 got its own booth this year. They grow up so fast. ^MNS



–1113– Crye Precision small pack. ^MNS



–1110– Crye Precision fleece and insulation layers. ^MNS


shot-show-day-one-41 shot-show-day-one-42

–1101– Hill People Gear’s lineup this year. ^MNS


shot-show-day-one-39 shot-show-day-one-40

–1058– Princeton Tec’s small and lightweight flashlights. ^ES


shot-show-day-one-37 shot-show-day-one-38

–1050– Amtec Less-Lethal Systems payload delivery systems. Drone and remote technology is defiantly on the rise for law enforcement and the military. ^ES


shot-show-day-one-36 shot-show-day-one-35

–1042– Blue Force Gear MARCO chemlight dispenser. Holds 30 chemlights in a magazine fashion. Eliminates the need to have a bulky bundle of lights at the ready. ^ES


shot-show-day-one-30 shot-show-day-one-31 shot-show-day-one-32

–1036– Revision helmet accessories on display ^MNS


shot-show-day-one-26 shot-show-day-one-27 shot-show-day-one-28 shot-show-day-one-29

–1030– Lojel low profile suitcase adapted for covert transport of firearms or whatever you need, or you could just use it as a really sturdy, securable suitcase. ^MNS



–1022– Ashbury Precision Ordinance Super Scout precision rifle. ^MNS


shot-show-day-one-23 shot-show-day-one-24

–1012– Desert Tech Internally suppressed 308, ambidextrous mag release, charging handle and safety. You can change out the calibers by switching out the barrel. ^ES


shot-show-day-one-22 shot-show-day-one-21

–1006– New legal pad from Rite in the Rain which is off white and perforated at the top for a clean tear off. The back is blank and can be used in a home laser printer. ^ES


shot-show-day-one-20 shot-show-day-one-19 shot-show-day-one-18

–0955– Rite in the Rain has released some new waterproof targets, made of the strong paper used in the notebooks they’re famous for. Shots won’t tear big chunks of paper off when they pass through. ^MNS



–0951– Oakley is using the new Dissolve pattern ^MNS


shot-show-day-one-15 shot-show-day-one-17

–0949– Oakley Green Beret version. ^MNS


shot-show-day-one-13 shot-show-day-one-14 shot-show-day-one-12

–0942– PepperBall drone technology lets you get your crowd control munitions deeper into the fray. This uses a powder disbursement system to get the agent on target. ^ES



–0931– TSSI will be distributing the UTC XII thermal optic, for use with a magnified scope. High resolution thermal imaging at a distance, with great clarity. ^MNS


shot-show-day-one-08 shot-show-day-one-09 shot-show-day-one-10 shot-show-day-one-11 shot-show-day-one-07

–0925– The new TSSI M10 medic bag. A slightly larger version of the M9. When ordering you can choose which interior pouches you want, clear vinyl or mesh. ^ES


shot-show-day-one-02 shot-show-day-one-03 shot-show-day-one-04

–0900– The morning rush for Day One; we’re on the SHOT Show floor! ^DR



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