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SHOT Show 2017: Day 3 Live Coverage

By The ITS Crew

SHOT Show is the largest trade show of its kind covering shooting sports, outdoor, hunting and law enforcement industries. Stay tuned for live coverage coming from Day 3 of SHOT Show 2017!

This post will update throughout the day as our coverage continues, so check back often for all the awesomeness! All new content will be posted at the top so there’s no need to scroll down, simply keep refreshing the page to view posts as we send them in.

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–1630– That’s a wrap for our coverage of Day 3 of SHOT Show 2017! Be sure to check back tomorrow for the final day of the show. Don’t forget, all orders in the ITS Store this week receive a free ITS Ace of Spades Poker Chip and orders over $50 receive a free ITS Ace of Spades Morale Patch!


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–1600– The new 5.11 Jeans which have stretch technology and integrated M4 magazine pockets (you can also throw a CAT or SOFTTW tourniquet in there as well). They also come in a tan color way. If you’re looking for a low profile. ^ES



–1550– Sadly some of the people I’ve seen at our range could use an optic on their shotgun. ^ES


shot-show-day-three-86 shot-show-day-three-87 shot-show-day-three-88 shot-show-day-three-89 shot-show-day-three-90 shot-show-day-three-91

–1535– FN has the heavy weaponry on display, including the FN 240B. ^MNS


shot-show-day-three-79 shot-show-day-three-80 shot-show-day-three-81 shot-show-day-three-82 shot-show-day-three-83 shot-show-day-three-84

–1528– The rest of Sig Sauer’s line up has some refinements and runs the gamut from electronic optics to additions to the Legion line. ^MNS


shot-show-day-three-78 shot-show-day-three-77 shot-show-day-three-76 shot-show-day-three-75 shot-show-day-three-74 shot-show-day-three-73 shot-show-day-three-72

–1522– This is the new Sig Kilo 2400. Handheld rangefinder that can range over a mile, crisp, easy to read data, powered by a single CR123. ^MNS


shot-show-day-three-69 shot-show-day-three-70 shot-show-day-three-71

–1505– It’s always great to stop by the Sig Sauer Booth!


shot-show-day-three-65 shot-show-day-three-66 shot-show-day-three-67 shot-show-day-three-68

–1345– These are the Versapod AIS 7, AXS 7, and ATS 7s from Keng’s FireArms Specialty, Inc. Geared towards competition or field use, they’re durable, capable of multiple positions and rock solid. ^MNS


shot-show-day-three-60 shot-show-day-three-59 shot-show-day-three-61

–1237– This is the recently released Salomon Speed Assault shoe in all black. I’ve been wearing my Burro Brown Speed Assaults for coming up on a year now, and the tread is still going strong, and they’re still super comfortable. ^MNS


shot-show-day-three-62 shot-show-day-three-58 shot-show-day-three-56

–1235– Tactical Medical Solutions has numerous medical kits available in several configurations. When shopping for medical gear make sure it’s from a reputable source. There are a lot of counterfeit items out there. ^ES



–1233– Need to put out a fire? Rescue Craft has you covered. From large backpack systems to items that will fit in an IFAK. ^ES


shot-show-day-three-63 shot-show-day-three-54 shot-show-day-three-53

–1232– A new super light weight rope rescue system from Rescue Craft. There are way with too many configurations to list here so check out their website for all the specs. ^ES


shot-show-day-three-64 shot-show-day-three-55

–1430– If you get the chance to talk to Sean McKay at Rescue Craft, make sure to bring your notepad. His knowledge of rope rescue will fill your pages. ^ES


shot-show-day-three-51 shot-show-day-three-50

–1220– As always you can get your knife tuned up at the show. This includes disassembly and sharpening. Get it fixed while you walk the floor. ^ES



–1213– Benchmade has a neat layout of the knife making process. You can get hands on with the various steps it takes to make a knife. ^ES


shot-show-day-three-49 shot-show-day-three-48 shot-show-day-three-47 shot-show-day-three-46 shot-show-day-three-40 shot-show-day-three-41 shot-show-day-three-42 shot-show-day-three-43 shot-show-day-three-44 shot-show-day-three-45

–1200– Definitely some interesting PMAGs on display at the Magpul booth!


shot-show-day-three-38 shot-show-day-three-39 shot-show-day-three-37

–1152– Magpul has firmly moved into the AK47 pattern rifle furniture business. ^MNS



–1151– Magpul continues to expand into the clothing market this year, with functional range wear that doesn’t mark you as having just come back from the range. ^MNS



–1147– The Marine Corps contract is obviously huge for Magpul. The new magazine colorway will be slightly different from the current FDE. Once they get the contract filled word is they will be available for sale to the public. ^ES



–1143– The Magpul Glock line of magazines continues to be popular. Maybe a Glock drum one day? ^ES


shot-show-day-three-28 shot-show-day-three-29 shot-show-day-three-30 shot-show-day-three-31 shot-show-day-three-32 shot-show-day-three-33

–1140– Magpul’s new X-22 backpacker Takedown, for Ruger 10/22 in (obviously enough) 22LR. Shipping in late spring to early summer. ^MNS



–1135– The Magpul booth is packed tight as usual. It’s elbow room only. ^ES


shot-show-day-three-17 shot-show-day-three-18 shot-show-day-three-22

–1124– Surefire’s new XC2 light + laser for handgun mount. Tiny, both light and laser are permanently on when triggered. Runs on AAA battery. ^MNS



–1121– Surefire’s new tail cap pressure switch. ^MNS


shot-show-day-three-10 shot-show-day-three-11 shot-show-day-three-16 shot-show-day-three-13

–1116– The new Surefire Scout light options with three different mounting solutions; ADM QD, thumbscrew, or offset mount. Available in a variety of different output options, up to 600 lumens of normal light or 350 IR lumens. ^MNS


shot-show-day-three-04 shot-show-day-three-05 shot-show-day-three-06 shot-show-day-three-07 shot-show-day-three-08 shot-show-day-three-09

–1052– Enola Gaye is showing off some of their sweet ATF-exempt, inexpensive, cool burning smoke and flash devices, in civilian and military/law enforcement options. Fantastic training option that allows folks to train with effective substitutes for the real thing without the usual amount of paperwork and expense. ^MNS


shot-show-day-three-03 shot-show-day-three-02 shot-show-day-three-01

–1030– Day 3 of SHOT Show 2017 begins. ^MNS



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