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SHOT Show 2017: Day 2 Live Coverage

By The ITS Crew

SHOT Show is the largest trade show of its kind covering shooting sports, outdoor, hunting and law enforcement industries. Stay tuned for live coverage coming from Day 2 of SHOT Show 2017!

This post will update throughout the day as our coverage continues, so check back often for all the awesomeness! All new content will be posted at the top so there’s no need to scroll down, simply keep refreshing the page to view posts as we send them in.

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–1630– Day 2 of SHOT Show 2017 is a wrap! Don’t forget that all this week, we’re giving away a free ITS Ace of Spades Poker Chip with all orders and a free ITS Ace of Spades Morale Patch with all orders over $50 in the ITS Store!


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–1621– New for Vertx this year are the low profile color ways. Bringing in more blues, browns and greens to keep that low VI’s signature while traveling. ^ES


shot-show-day-two-97 shot-show-day-two-98

–1602– Pelican has made some alterations to their long gun cases, including a wider drag handle and some new colors. ^MNS



–1525– It’s Iron Man’s shift at the booth, apparently. ^MNS



–1500– Primary Weapons Systems has a cool cutout display of an AR-15 up that even allows you to cycle the bolt. ^DR


shot-show-day-two-94–1447– The ESEE Tertiary is designed emphatically for self defense. The handle fits well in the palm, however be careful if you live in a state with a dual sharpened knife Law. ^DR



–1445– The “RC-3” bushcraft knife from ESEE. They oriented this knife with a thicker spine for use with a ferro rod and the standard “bushcrafter” cut. ^DR



–1440– ESEE Knives had the usual arrangement of durable and sharp knives. Here’s one of their newer models, the “6” which has the handle and blade shaped more than their usual fare. ^DR


shot-show-day-two-90 shot-show-day-two-91 shot-show-day-two-88 shot-show-day-two-87 shot-show-day-two-86 shot-show-day-two-85

–1430– If you’re looking for lightweight and interesting AR-15 components look at Battle Arms Development. They have uppers, lowers, trigger systems, stocks and just about everything you need to build a super light rifle. ^ES


shot-show-day-two-83 shot-show-day-two-84

–1415– Darn Tough doesn’t have anything new to show this year, largely because they’ve already mastered their product line. Available in approved colors for all branches of US service, they’re wool, warm, durable as hell and come with a lifetime guarantee. ^MNS



–1410– Miguel Caballero armor systems. They have a unique set of armor systems. It’s neat to see a different take on body armor. Due to the low profile use of their armor, we weren’t able to photograph most of their line. ^ES


shot-show-day-two-78 shot-show-day-two-79

–1408– TNVC is showing their collaboration with Unity, the TAPS. It’s a programmable, hardware mounted pressure switch that allows the user to define what he or she wants the buttons to function as. Ships in 2 weeks, $249 MSRP. Also available in non-programmable version for $138.00. ^MNS



–1404– The ColorTAC device uses filters on both ends of a PVS14 that will provide color functionality to either a white or green tube 14. Being jointly developed with Chromata and TNVC, the obvious uses are search and rescue and first aid, allowing the contrast of blood against non blood to stand out right away to tactical medicine practitioners, or allowing a lost child to stand out clearly against a dense forested background. This is still a prototype, but they expect to have a finished product later this year, and are targeting a $2700.00 price point. ^MNS



–1402– The TNVC booth is busy as always. If you have the money you can play in the dark all night long. ^ES



–1400– Bottle Opener Neck Knife from Winkler Knives, small and discrete.



–1359– Winkler Knives F3 folder will feature a reversible pocket clip and flipper opening. ^BB



–1358– The Pocket Protector from Winkler Knives will feature a small sheath to protect your pocket from damage and deploys quickly from the clipped position. ^BB



–1356– The Winkler Knives Walker Spike for breaking contact quickly. ^BB


shot-show-day-two-59 shot-show-day-two-60

–1355– The Winkler Contingency Knife creates a perfect in-line wrist position with both standard and reverse grips. ^BB



–1352– The NICE RATS has a unique shoulder strap system. It’s a heavy duty pack that’s for sure. ^ES


shot-show-day-two-70 shot-show-day-two-73 shot-show-day-two-74

–1350– Mystery Ranch RATS medical back pack. 23L volume with a modular interior pouch system. ^ES


shot-show-day-two-71 shot-show-day-two-72

–1347– Mystery Ranch has a number of new packs and revised designs, from medical packs, to hunting packs, to sustainment packs of massive size. ^MNS


shot-show-day-two-69–1345– Mystery Ranch’s infamous tri-zip in the new Komodo Dragon (33 L) and ASAP (15 L). The Komodo Dragon has the BVS system for ventilation when worn with armor. ^MNS


shot-show-day-two-67 shot-show-day-two-68

–1342– Mystery Ranch’s Comm 3 pack; 2500 cu inches, 10.6 pounds. ^MNS



–1340– Mystery Ranch “Desolve” pattern coming from New Zealand. This pattern is great for open and lower elevation areas. ^ES



–1339–Mystery Ranch Scapegoat 35 and 25. Allowing you to remain nimble and stealthy in the tightest topography. ^ES



–1338–Mystery Ranch Bino Drop Carrier. Keep your binoculars and pistol at the ready if you’re separated from your pack. ^ES



–1336– The Mystery Ranch Metcalf and Marshall hunting backpacks. The Metcalf has an integrated rifle sling system. ^ES



–1328– Velocity Systems is making an effort to forge new ground and improve on vests/plate carriers. Using a triangular shaped cut in the MOLLE format, Velocity claims the webbing will not stretch over time using the triangular shape coupled with Cordura fabric. From aesthetic and fit point of view, the vests are smartly designed and comfortable. ^DR



–1323– Velocity Systems new standalone back panel holds a plate as well as a hydration bladder in one modular piece to be combined with a front panel and any chest rig panel you might choose. ^MNS



–1322– The new Velocity Systems Scarab has an inner lining which creates a pocket for the wearer, allowing for airflow under the plate system. ^MNS


shot-show-day-two-46 shot-show-day-two-45

–1319– This is the new Velocity Systems 48 Hour pack, with a hydration bladder pocket inside and greater capacity than the 24 Hour pack. ^MNS



–1317– This is the vest I wear at work as a Law Enforcement Officer and it’s been going strong for several years. You can’t go wrong with Velocity/Mayflower. I trust my life to it. ^ES


shot-show-day-two-49 shot-show-day-two-43

–1312– Velocity Systems is introducing a new Scarab plate carrier featuring triangular openings which don’t sag like traditional PALS laser cut slits. The material is a hybrid Cordura and Dyneema material.


shot-show-day-two-44 shot-show-day-two-47 shot-show-day-two-53

–1310– Checking out some offerings from Velocity Systems/Mayflower. ^ES


shot-show-day-two-24 shot-show-day-two-27 shot-show-day-two-28 shot-show-day-two-41

–1152– Ops-Core had some innovative helmets and peripherals to include RAC fully articulating ear cups, NVG Snap Shields, and their ballistic face shield.^DR


shot-show-day-two-39 shot-show-day-two-42–1146– Ops-Core’s new Handgun Face Shield, Multi-hit. Stops multiple hits from any handgun caliber, attaches to any helmet with a rail system. Intended for first responders to active shooter situations who may not be trained SWAT units, but have to respond immediately. The backside showed some deformation and flaking of shield material, however, the round did not penetrate… ^MNS



–1142– S&S Neck Gaiter, which has two internal pockets for hand warmers. Helps keep your neck warm with high altitude jumps. ^ES



–1137– Some more innovative attachments and accessories from Ops-Core. ^MNS


shot-show-day-two-40 shot-show-day-two-18

–1136– Ops-Core’s new Snap Shields prevent green glow from NODs giving your position away and simply snap onto any PVS14, 15 or 7. ^MNS



–1134– This is Ops-Core/Gentex’s new RAC headset; active noise cancellation, with comms, and the innovative feature is that it provides “3D sound”, so that if something happens behind you, you hear it where it happened. ^MNS



–1132– Special Operations Tactical Respirator (SOTR) drastically reduces lead and large particle intake while being lightweight and attaching to a helmet or even just a human head by means of Velcro straps. ^MNS



–1130– Ops-Core’s “Skull Crusher” is a lot more comfortable than some we’ve tried out. ^MNS


shot-show-day-two-17 shot-show-day-two-22

–1128– Ops-Core NVG Snap Shields on a Skull Mounting Solution also from Ops-Core. ^MNS


shot-show-day-two-36 shot-show-day-two-37

–1123– S&S one hand grenade hangers. This allows for single handed deployment of lethal and less lethal munitions. MOLLE and PALS mounting gives you numerous setup options. ^ES



–1122– S&S 757 performance denim with internal belt/holster system. New for this year are olive and tan color ways. ^ES


shot-show-day-two-32 shot-show-day-two-33 shot-show-day-two-34 shot-show-day-two-35 shot-show-day-two-30

–1120– Navigation boards from S&S Precision. These can be mounted to a plate carrier or vest to aid in navigation. ^ES



–1002– SHOT Show floor threats: Schwag Carts. ^MNS



–1000– Headed into the fray for Day 2 of SHOT Show 2017! ^MNS


–0900– We had an awesome time competing with the 7 other teams that battled it out for the Inaugural ITS + PDW Bowling Battle Royale. Despite bringing in a ringer, the ITS Bones Brigade lost in its first round. Muhl Customs pulled off the W and won the trophy. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the event, we can’t wait for next year’s shenanigans!



Don’t forget that all orders placed in the ITS Store during the week of SHOT Show will get a free limited edition ITS Ace of Spades Poker Chip and all orders over $50 get a free limited edition ITS Ace of Spades Morale Patch! Offer ends 1/20/17 11:59 EST, while supplies last.

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