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Sleep Safe and Secure with the ITS Discreet Pillowcase from Zulu Nylon Gear

By The ITS Crew

Tactical Pillowcase

We’ve teamed up with Zulu Nylon Gear to offer the ultimate tactical sleep solution! Introducing, the ITS Discreet Pillowcase.

This pillowcase incorporates numerous features requested by professionals who know that Murphy can strike at any moment. It’s constructed from strong 500D nylon with a DWR coating to keep drool and other moisture from seeping into the pillow. The MultiCam colorway option also allows for use in most environments.

Tactical Pillowcase

Additionally it features a hook and loop closure system with oversize pull tabs, which makes for an easy opening with gloved hands. Unlike other “open end” style pillowcase designs, the closure system on the Discreet Pillowcase secures the pillow tightly and blocks debris from entering.

Tactical Pillowcase

Dual D-Rings allow dummy cording of sensitive items like flashlights or NVG’s. An added grid of elastic loops allows you to mount chemlights for marking your waypoint back to bed, or for use as a reading light.

Tactical Pillowcase

The reverse side of the ITS Discreet Pillowcase features a large loop field for attaching patches or hook backed accessories, such as the ITS Holster Insert or ITS Shock Cord Insert.

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  • Brendan

    Will it the holster insert fit my Desert Eagle? Would be nice if we could get more some PALS loops for flashbang pouches…

  • ChrisBrooks2

    Tactical pillowcase? I think we’ve officially jumped the shark here.

    • Brendan

      ChrisBrooks2  Or it’s April fools

    • ChrisBrooks2

      @Brendan ChrisBrooks2  D’oh!

  • Ezra the Great

    I hate it when you guys do this every year. Cause the pillow is kind awesome.

  • Whoa those went quick! I’m glad I ordered 2 before they sold out!

  • MarineFO

    I hope you will make a version for the new civilian MP-7

  • No MOLLE, because you clowns are all posers.

  • Rob

    Yep, MOLLE would make it an easy buy, still, in for 2! 😀

  • Snoopy12

    You funny man. You had me until I remembered the date difference between Aus and USA. I have an unfair disadvantage, I wasn’t expecting it.

  • BigFatPanda

    Not cool man.  First the arrow quiver now this.  Both of which i want and know i can’t have.

  • MattBowyer


    Love it.

    The only thing that’s worrying me is I’m genuinely starting to think that a pillow with D-rings might actually be a good idea!

  • JoeF1

    … It can’t be a bad thing to actually want this.


  • Brandon Lukenbill

    RickRoll’D 2 years in a row. Won’t get me in 2015. Still waiting on the Molle quiver…..

  • soc_greaser

    i just got rick rolld

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