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Squawk Box Broadcast 003

By The ITS Crew

Squawk Box Broadcast 003

The Squawk Box Broadcast aims to highlight a few of the stories that have caught our attention recently. It’s also a way to broaden your horizons and explore new ideas.

The Explorer >> The North Face

If this video from The North Face doesn’t get you fired up and ready for adventure, you may need to check your pulse. “Humans have always been driven by curiosity and fed by an innate need to explore. There is an allure in the pursuit of the unknown. Never stop exploring.”

Muir Inspired, Mountain Filled >> Huckberry

Whitney James spent every weekend last summer exploring the great outdoors. “The mountains have a way of fixing things.” Her desire to escape the office and simply get outside is inspiring and will have you longing for some fresh air.

20 Best Adventure Books >> Gear Patrol

Do you have a sense of adventure? An urge to explore the unknown? While you can’t always just get up and go off to wherever you’d like, with a good book, you can. We’ve shared a few of our favorite books in the past but you should certainly pick out a new read from this lineup too.

The Soviet Superplane Program that Rattled Area 51 >> Wired

This massive aircraft flew below radar and had the capability to launch anti-ship missiles that could reach Mach 3. It also had a range of 1,200 miles and would last five days without any resupply. The CIA was so unnerved by this new aircraft that they built a drone just to spy on it.

The personalized leather jackets of bomber crews >> Flickr

“Fancy Nancy”, “Grin’n Bare It”, “Belle ‘o the Brawl”. These are just a few of the personalized jackets that bomber crews wore during their missions. These jackets and men have character and it’s great to see them preserved in photographic form.

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