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Tactical Distributors $100 Giveaway!

By The ITS Crew

Our newest advertiser, Tactical Distributors, wanted to kick off the launch of their new Website with an awesome $100 Gift Card Giveaway for ITS Tactical Readers!

Instead of the usual Reader Appreciation Contest rules, what we like everyone to do is head on over to the Tactical Distributors Website and leave a comment letting us know what you’d buy from them with your free $100 Gift Certificate.

We’ll still choose the winner using Random.org, but you’ll need to have a product in your comment for it to count.

This contest will run until Thursday, June 24th, at 11:59 p.m. (Central Time), any entries after that time will not be counted.

Thanks for entering and good luck!

Update: Mike Martin is the winner of the Tactical Distributors giveaway. Thanks to all of you that entered and stay tuned for more contests!

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  • Suriel

    Wiley X – Combat Assault Gloves.

  • The MPLS LED light looks pretty slick so I’d pick one of those up.
    Then I’d pick the SATURNA BLUNT KNIFE because you can never have enough knives.
    Next some Cat Crap, it just sounds cool and would make my wife say WTF.
    Finally a Camelbak Brush Set since I’ve always been to lazy to properly clean my bladder.

  • D

    First some I/O things to push the word of their website, and products…and then buy these items!

    G-Shock Ava-Digi 3 Eye Dial Military Series


    Princeton Tec

  • John

    I think I’d go for a pair of wilery x’s.

  • cqc10

    Revolvr Black Ops / Matte Black Frame w/Accessories
    WileyX, Inc.

  • John Pozzetta

    True North Tactical’s
    3 Day Jumpable Assault Ruck

  • Evan Travers

    I too would have to go for the Revolvrs. I don’t have any safety glasses and a good pair like that would be invaluable. (Even when I have to lend them to my 11 YO brother when he shoots skeet.) Thanks for the giveaway.

  • MuayThai

    I would buy the True North Tactical one day backpack.

  • Deuce

    I would love to get a light for my handgun..may be the M3 or TLR series. Tact Dist looks like a great site and prices are pretty reasonable!

  • Reddog

    I would use the opportunity to upgrade and update: Cammenga tritium wrist compass, aquimira water bottle and filter, and a Leatherman Fuse.

  • Robert Gordon

    10×26-Predator Pro Binoculars
    and possibly
    Revolvr Black Ops / Matte Black Frame w/Accessories
    WileyX, Inc.

  • i’m gonna keep it simple, and say several new pairs of 5.11 pants!

  • Tom Goro

    5.11 Taclite Pro Pants, 5.11 Covert Cargo Pants and SmartWool On the Job Ultra Light Crew Black socks

  • Fuzz-Grunge

    Streamlight TLR-1.

  • Al Garber

    I keep holding off on dropping the money on a proper weapons light – as I have numerous other light sources, and have been considering purchasing NV gear. As TD does not seem to have NV in their mix, throwing a 100 off the M952V-BK Surefire would probably convince me to spend the rest out of pocket.

  • John Garrett

    I’d put it towards a pair of the Steiner 8×30 binoculars. My little set gave up the ghost a while ago.

  • Jeff Sharp

    3-Day Jumpable Assualt Ruck

  • Luke

    G-Shock G-Force Military Concept Classic Round Black

  • lpdswat

    Definitely a Strider SMF-T Knife or Core All Black Military watch from Suunto…or probably both.

  • I would probably put that $100 toward a Pelican Long Case.

  • TFA303

    X2 Subcompact, Handgun Light, LED, Black, Insight Technology –

    My 1911 needs this!

    Great idea for the contest. I enjoyed clicking around TD’s site.

  • Microstream LED and QuikClot

  • Jester

    Since I’m on graveyard, I’d snag the McNett Z-Mask and SureFire HL1-B-TN Headlamp.

  • brett
  • Jeff Watterson

    A watch or a pack at a glance!!! They have a good selection it would be hard to choose! thanks

  • Roan

    I’d happily put some money in and get the Steiner 8×22 Predator Pro.

  • In need of a better case, thus:
    “1550 Case Pelican”

  • xpo

    Put me down for a Camelbak
    HAWG MG – 100 oz/3.0L Black

  • Chris

    Too many great choices!

    Leatherman Surge
    G-Shock Ava Digi 3
    Camelbak Motherlode

  • tacboy23

    I would either get a benchmade mini barrage or the surefire G2Z

  • Harry

    Strider SNG, hands down

  • Steve
  • RichardC

    I’d buy as many pairs of Darn Tough boot socks as I could get with it for use on the job.

  • Ryan

    I’ve had my eye on the TLR-1s for a while now, I’d put it towards one of those!

  • panda

    Casio G-Shock Ava-Digi 3 Eye Dial Military Series

  • James Kane

    Definitely some of the Wilex-X shades.

  • Eric

    Three Day Assault Pack….

  • Jon Gucinski

    Leaning towards a TLR-1.

  • Andaew Lau

    These are the items I would get.
    2. 5.11 Operator Belt
    3. An Leatherman Multitool.

  • Riceball

    I’d start with the M Microweight Zip T
    SmartWool, it looks to be a nice shirt and would make for a nice addition to my wardrobe.

  • Brockb

    I’ve been losing some weight so I need some new clothes. I would say 2 pairs of the Taclite Pro Pants and one pair of the Covert Cargo. Thanks!!!

  • Yong Yu

    I’d definitely buy the G-Shock G-Force Military Concept Mudman Black G9000MS-1. I love the military concept series, and i love G-Shocks even more. Thanks!

  • 5thprofession47

    I’d get the 1090CC HardBack™ Case (with Computer Case Liner). Very cool! Thanks for the chance!!

  • Greg Whited

    X2 Subcompact, Handgun Light, LED, Black
    The MOJO LE Officer’s Field Aid Kit (O-FAK)

    Lots of cool products there.

  • Roskee Boskee

    ThermoBak 3L – Omega 100 oz/3.0L

  • bstarrs

    I’d put it towards a pelican 1700 case

  • Viktor

    Since i desperately need a new backpack i’d go for the Camelbak Motherlode.

  • TJ

    Daddy would love a G-shock watch

  • Bill Smerdon

    I would probably go for a pair of the Wiley X goggles! But they have a regular candy store so who knows!

  • Will Comptis

    I would get the G-Shock Ava-Digi 3 Eye Dial Military Series hands down. That watch is super sweet.

  • desertmarine

    Gotta say, I’d pick up WileyX Revolvr shades. Or the Reign B/O Shades. I’m lacking good eyewear.

  • unixsavant

    Gloves and/or goggles.

  • wayne knowles

    Casio G-shock and boonie hat.

  • Clay Parkin

    3 Day assault pack

  • I’d put it towereds a TLR-1s with strobe function for my XD-45c
    or a True North Tactical Field Care Pack would be cool. Or Id just use it on a few packs f Quick Clot for My kit

  • Rob

    ESS Recon Black Frame Sunglasses

  • Benchmade AFO II Auto ComboEdge Black

  • revelae

    Probably either the True North Tactical Three-Day Pack or the Surefire G2Z.

  • jumpthestack

    I’m interested in the Pelican 1700 long case.

  • sixof1or2

    I’d pick the Skeletool CX SS

  • Dustin

    Revolvr Black Ops / Matte Black Frame (WileyX, Inc.) and a bottle of Cat Crap

    I need some good tactical shades, and I couldn’t resist saying “I won a gift certificate and bought ‘Cat Crap’ with it!”

  • Buck Hempel

    I would buy a pair of the Steiner Predator Binos 8×22. I need a small light weight glass.

  • WOLF1

    I would get a pair of Camelback’s Hi-Tech Impact II gloes and some Z-Medica Quikclot combat gause for my kit

  • Alden

    Streamlight TLR-1s

  • Benjamin Fasseel

    I would get the camelback hawg been wanting one for a while. Or some gloves

  • redmann19

    New Leatherman!

  • shane

    I’m in.

    I would take the pelican 1550.

  • Hartzco

    G-Shock G-Force Military Concept Classic Round Black

  • Chris Ferguson

    Definitely the Wiley X Revolvr Black Ops eyewear. Been wanting a pair for a while.

  • 91B30V

    Leatherman Surge in black oxide!

  • Wheelhouse

    Camelbak Hawg!

  • I’d love to pick up a few Surefire LED flashlights.

  • Jim Foster

    I would use the $100 against the price of a TLR-1s for my house gun. Easier to carry one of my daughters to the safe room if I can have a light on my pistol.


  • Failure Drill


  • usmc85

    Wiley X Air Rage Black Ops and a princeton tactical quad OD!

  • Aaron Rainbolt

    I would grab that TLR-1 with strobe function for sure.

  • Chris Rogers

    3 day jump-able assault ruck from true north tactical.

  • Emil

    I would get 2 Streamlight Sidewinder Flashlights

  • I’d choose a Streamlight TLR-1S

  • Eric Lien

    I have to say I’d either get the benchmade griptillian, or the cammenga lensatic compass. Both of those would be great additions to my SAR gear!

  • Virius

    I would get the E2DL-BK Surefire, I would end up spending 60 bucks but that 100 would knock off a big chunk of it 😀

  • tnegiet

    I’m afraid I’d have to pick up one of the ARC’TERYX jackets.

  • N98

    I would get a suunto vector xblack.

  • Matt Semans

    New Camelback. Prob the HAWG.

  • Just

    A True North boonie hat and a Viking Tactics sling for me.

  • ZGhostRex9

    A new Leatherman or a new watch. I don’t think my 10 yr old Suunto is very water resistant any more.

  • Eric S

    Casio G-Shock Watch

  • musaegy

    Benchmade Griptillian

  • viking16

    i need a Pelican 1090CC HardBack real bad!

  • Lively

    I’d buy an Arc’teryx Alpha LT Jacket

  • Owen Martin

    Definitely the Pelican 1720 Long Case ….
    I’ve been wanting one for a while now.


  • Christopher Allison

    I would use it for either The Rocky S2V boots or a new camelback I really need both my boots are coming apart at almost all the seams and the soles are about shot.

  • ktg748

    Totally going with the XL-1 LA Light Adjusting Smoke Grey/Matte Black from Wiley, because I need eyewear, and I couldn’t find a TLR-2 on the site!!!

  • Graham Monteith

    I would get a Surefire G2 Nitrolon Flashlight and the Wiley X Airborne sunglasses.

  • btmims

    I just started volunteering with the county rescue squad, so I could use a couple pairs of those 5.11 cargo pants. Maybe get a light for my USP45, like a TLR-1.

  • Steven S.

    I would have to get me one of those Leatherman Surge Multitools, add it to my BOB

  • David Smith

    i want a lot of things from their site 🙂 but i think i would put the hundred towards a suunto core watch

  • AJ

    I would buy some items to get a good EDC bag started, like some eyeware and gloves.

  • outrigger

    I could totally use a loadout bag for all my fire turnouts as well as my normal patrol gear! Looks like True North Tactical – Large Wheeled Loadout Bag for the win!

  • RahulS

    Definitely the Gshock, maybe with some apparel on the side.

  • David Mo

    Wow… great selection of brand they have.

    My choice? Strider DB-L! Damn nice knife and I need a fixed blade.

  • sakenso

    Arc’Teryx Combat Jacket

  • Mike

    I would get that True North Tactical Medical Backpack. That’s a nice Aide Bag.

  • Blade Staker

    For me, the $100 would go toward the “1550 Pelican Case.” I’d make up the difference. 🙂

  • Think I’m lookin at a new leatherman anyways
    http://www.tacticaldistributors.com/tools-instruments-1/multi-tools/charge-alx fits my fancy 🙂

    Or maybe go with a new Streamlight

  • John Galt

    Saturna Blunt Knife and MC Boonie

  • Chris Jane

    I’d go for the WileyX Revolvr glasses.

  • Cory

    TRL-1 with strobe definitely
    or some 5.11 Tactical Cotton Pants or a leatherman Charge TTI

  • Hunter
  • Justin Newton

    I’d put it towards a new rechargeable Streamlight.

    I’ve been wanting to pick up one of the Otis Cleaning Kits, but they’re out of stock.

  • Srtben

    I’d get the viking tactics sling and light mount!

  • Hendricks

    I would get a Streamlight TLR-1

  • sean bagbey

    The MOJO LE Officer’s Field Aid Kit (O-FAK)

  • Josh

    New Pelican case should do the trick – the 1700, and id pay the difference

  • Squib

    G-Shock Ava-Digi 3 Eye Dial Military Series

  • flyahawk

    I’d grab a 3.0L Camelback HAWG MG

  • Jared H Ferguson

    Id probably say some wiley x sunglasses, as Ive yet to replace the ones my basset hound decided to use as a chew toy.

  • stephen deguire

    suunto x lander

  • jeff house

    the OFak to be donated to either local LEO or sent to a soldier in the sand.

  • Ed

    Streamlight TLR 1

  • shadow4golf

    I’m in and I’d get a couple of the Cammenga compasses.

  • Brandee Laird

    Certainly: ESS Advancer V-12 Two Lens Hard Case

  • Rhino

    I’m in for a pair of those WileyX Revolver Black Ops glasses.

  • Ray DiLisi

    I would put the $100 toward the TLR-1 with strobe and the the pressure switch to go along with it!

  • Jess Ralph

    The True North Tactical Medical Backpack.

  • Don Hamilton

    The Viking Tactical light and sling mounts would be mine.

  • Matt Hazard

    I would purchase a few Source WXP bladders and a True North Tactical boonie hat.

  • Christian

    Definitely the True North Loadout Bag. Need something to carry all my gear.

  • I would put it toward a The MOJO LE Officer’s Field Aid Kit.

  • Tim Sexton

    The Pelican mobile tool chest rocks!

  • Dustin Vinzant

    I would go for the The MOJO LE Officer’s Field Aid Kit. As the boy scouts say always be prepared.

  • luapfitz

    I REALLY need a new watch so I’d go for G-Shock Ava-Digi 3 Eye Dial Military Series

  • JaxJohn419

    Revolvr Black Ops / Matte Black Frame w/Accessories by WileyX, Inc.

  • HUghes

    I would either use it for 2 pair of tactical pants or a rebate on a SUUNTO Xlander black.

  • Jasper Pettit

    Too many choices! I’d probably go with a Streamlight Sidewinder, and a pair of 5.11 Tactical pants; or just dump it all on a Streamlight TRL-1 🙂

  • Andrew S

    I’d go with the Charge ALX Leatherman, Officer’s Field Aid Kit or E2DL-BK Surefire flashlight … so hard to choose.

  • Marmatt

    Benchmade Osborne mini Barrage black

  • tacticalroy

    I would go with the True North tactical 3 day assault ruck… or 10 pair of 5.11 socks.

  • nomojo

    I’d go for one of their multicam camelbaks

  • AJ Steiner

    I’d put the $100 towards a purchase of several of their True North Tactical Parachute Kits. Our VBSS locker is littered with sub-par gear bags that just won’t cut it!

  • Shawn Todd

    I’d use the $100 to pick up a TLR-1, with remote door switch assembly & TLR Remote Pressure Switch Plug, Coil!

  • William Cunningham

    I’m in!

  • bob

    1700 Pelican

  • Angel Feliciano
  • Matthew McKinney

    I’d get the Apex Pro OD headlamp by Princeton Tec. I do Fire/Rescue/EMS and this would come in handy, especially since I’m about to go through Confined Space Rescue class.

  • Michael H

    Benchmade Griptillian

  • I’d put it towards a Benchmade auto stryker or an osborne mini barrage.

  • Ed Pickering

    A new flashlight would be nice! Streamlight possibly

  • i sure could use a new multicam camelbak

  • Taleswapper

    Leatherman Charge TI, I’d make up the difference.

  • kyle alexander

    G-Shock G-Force Military Concept Classic Round Black

  • Forrest

    Definitely a new watch.

    Casio G-SHOCK RESCUE BLACK G7900-1

  • James

    5.11 Holster Shirt
    5.11 Tacklight Pro Pants
    and 5.11 Socks to finish it off

  • John Wallace

    I’d get the Wiley-X SG-1s…. I’m tired of losing my specs doing cool/dangerous stuff!

  • Justin M

    I’d buy up a TRL weapon light in a hurry! I also might include the Leatherman Fuse for good measure.

  • Alex

    A new Princeton Tec headlamp

  • L. Lueck

    Wiley X Assault Combat Glove


  • Hahn

    I’d get the Wiley X goggles to replace my lost sg1’s.

  • Mike Golf

    I’d put it toward a True North wheeled load out bag. I need a travel bag.

  • Kevin V.

    Camelbak – ThermoBak 2L – Long Neck 70 oz/2.0L

  • pete shrock

    I am not exactly sure, but either a new pair of Wiley x glasses, a Benchmade griptilian, or a Streamlight tlr1

  • Li-geng Yin

    I will have to go for a G-Shock Ava-Digi 3 Eye Dial Military Series.

  • B-One

    Quick Clot and Smart Wool Socks

  • Tick

    I’d probably purchase a pair of WileyX Brick Black Ops sunglasses. The current eyewear I’m using now is on it’s last leg.

  • Christian Nadeau

    The $100 would purchase a Micronet Microfiber towel in Coyote Tan (size medium) and a 3 Day Jumpable Assault Ruck by True North in Coyote Tan, with $3.50 to spare

  • Grover6

    I’d get a pair of the ESS advancer v-12’s. Thanks for the contest!

  • Jonno W

    Arcteryx LT Jacket in crocodile so I can pump the summit of mt cook in style

  • mike paulsen

    I think i would get the camelbak motherload. Great for hauling water and supplies around at the IDPA shoots. Thanks guys !

  • Rob Deal

    i really need a new watch, badly. if i was picked to receive the $100 gift card…i would purchase the G-Shock Ava-Digi 3 Eye Dial, Mil Spec watch. It’s a proven brand with years going into the G-shock heritage, and the look of the watch is perfect…over the top, while still being subdue…can’t beat that!

  • rachel crisman

    Casio G-Shock DW6600C-1V Core Watch Black for my husband so he would have a reliable watch for once when he is out doing crazy daredevil stunts!

  • Dru

    Sunto X-lander Military Black

    100 bones is a good start….

  • jherm0311

    Ouik Clot, and 5.11 gear

  • I would buy the Benchmade Presidio Auto Plain Edge so I could stab things like bad people shooting at me or commie hippies trying to suffocate me on the drop zone when I’m trying to land.

  • Genzeka

    Tactical Field Care Pack
    True North Tactical.

    Even with covering the difference it’s still a steal.

  • Hmms

    ESS Recon Black Frame !!! Need a new pair of glasses ;D

  • Jason Dunagan

    M Microweight Zip T

  • Ron

    I need some hard knuckle gloves, like the Wiley X Combat Assualts.

  • William

    Wiley X Durtac all purpose gloves and a True North Tactical boonie hat.

  • Schmidty

    I like the Wiley X glasses and the Camelback Hawg. Hard choices, great site.

  • 5.11 pants

  • Nick Peters

    Absolutely the WileyX, Inc.
    Revolvr Black Ops !!


  • Sean

    Sunnto Core All Black Military watch. Been wanting to pull the trigger on that for sometime now.

  • Brandon Hooper

    I sure could use a new Letherman multi tool like the surge

  • johnyD

    Wiley X goggles and some quick clot for another extra OS kit

  • Dave

    Surefire X300

  • Tom T

    If I won the TD Giveaway, I’d add $100 to it and send an older friend who’s struggling in the sandbox whatever he needs. God bless the heros!

  • nav

    Id buy a new pair of salomon gtx 3ds

  • Guntis

    Gerber Multi-Plier 600-ST (With Sight tool)


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