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The ITS Tactical Android App is Live!!

By The ITS Crew

*UPDATE* – The app is currently not available.  Read this post for more info. Unfortunately, we don’t have an ETA on the new version.

We’re excited to announce that the official ITS Tactical App is now available free for Android!

You can view the details here, but you’ll need to download it from the Android market by searching “ITS Tactical”

With the Android app there’s all the awesomeness of the iPhone app, latest posts, Twitter and YouTube, plus the inclusion of all our Flickr photos. Hopefully we can get the Flickr feature integrated into the iPhone app as well soon.

We’re still waiting on the Blackberry version to finish up, but at least all you android users can get your ITS fix for now!

As none of us here at ITS are Android users, we’d appreciate everyone’s feedback on how you feel the app performs.

Again, just hit up the Android Market on your phone, and search for ITS Tactical.

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  • tkeller

    That’s great – thanks, guys!
    I’ll be downloading it shortly, and I’ll let you know what I think of it.

  • Shift

    Any chance there will be an ITS Tactical app for WebOS?

  • Nice! Just downloaded it on my G1, looking good!

  • YESSS!!

  • great app!

    only after every article this code shows up

    ” Begin SexyBookmarks Menu Code >”

    I think you closed the brackets to soon.

  • march7898


  • arbitrist

    Been waiting for this for quite some time look and works great on the droid

  • Now I just need to swap back to the Droid again from my blackberry. Keep it up guys!

  • Just installed on my Moto Droid and i freakin love it! Thanks guys!!

  • khebhekh

    Nice! I’ve been waiting for this!!
    Downloading now!

  • David M.

    Downloaded it yesterday on my Droid. Looks good so far. No issues. Thanks alot.

  • I have found another functional use for the Droid. I was doing some E&C training about a week ago and found myself wishing I had a mirror to check corners. The touch screen on the Droid is semi-reflective and works well. The camera offered another color perspective. Definately not a panacea and you definately would not want to get fixated in operating the phone/camera, but it worked well in a pinch.

  • runnningdog8

    Alright! I’m going to download it in a sec…thanks for looking out for the Android users, too.

  • vtej

    Any blackberry apps?

  • KirkBurner


    but is there a chance that something will show up for Windows mobile?

  • Gregg

    Where’s the Windows Mobile love?

    • Hey Gregg, honestly we don’t have a lot of love for Windows LOL

  • MuayThai

    Could not find it in my droid market???

    • MuayThai

      The only search results are atomic bomber.

  • warhawk05

    Not showing up in android market
    I’m running Android 2.1 on Galaxy S Captivate.
    Can u guys host the app for us to download manualy?
    Then we can just side load it to our phones.

  • Brad Carvalho

    Still not showing up in the Market!!

  • Daniel Kiser

    not for me either

    HTC Inspire 4g

  • Christian

    Still not showing up in Android Market!
    Cant you guys just post it for download here on ITS?

    Running Android 2.3 on Galaxy S Captivate

  • Garry

    Finally get a smartphone and the appstore doesnt have it.

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