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The TourniQuick™ Pouch is Back in Stock and Now Available in Four Colors!

By The ITS Crew

Our patent-pending TourniQuick™ Pouch is back in stock and now available in four colors, including Black, Coyote, MultiCam and Ranger Green! In addition, we’ve replaced the previously embroidered TQ logo on the front with an included PVC TQ Identifier Patch. It’s removable to expose a loop field and add any identifier you’d like.

TourniQuick™ Pouch 01

TourniQuick™ Pouch 02

This is the first-ever tourniquet pouch designed as a system to rapidly access and deploy the two most common CoTCCC (committee on tactical combat casualty care) recommended tourniquets available on the market.

The TourniQuick™ Pouch reduces time from deployment to application, saving those valuable seconds. Remember, seconds count when you’re bleeding out!™

An added benefit of the inherent design in the TourniQuick™ is to act as a protective tourniquet pouch, reducing exposure to the elements. Dirt, debris and UV Light can degrade the life of your life-saving device.

TourniQuick™ Pouch 03

Additionally, the TourniQuick™ features our patent-pending, 4-Way Mounting System™. The 4WMS allows you to mount the tourniquet pouch vertically on a duty belt, vertically to MOLLE (PALS webbing), horizontally on a belt, or even vertically on a backpack strap. The mounting possibilities are truly unlimited.

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