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Rethink Your Bottle with the New .7 Liter Vapur Anti-Bottles

By The ITS Crew

Ounces equal pounds and pounds equal pain. These new Vapur Anti-Bottles are lightweight, durable and perfect for anyone looking to save some weight in their pack. These bottles are made from a BPA-Free 3-ply material, making them foldable and flexible, while still being extremely durable. Read on below for more information!

Vapur Anti-Bottles

Vapur Anti-Bottles

When the bottle is depleted it can be rolled and stored within the removable wire-gate clip to save even more space. Additionally, by unscrewing the SuperCap from the bottle, you’ll reveal a wide mouth that’s perfect for filling up or cleaning. These Vapur Anti-Bottles hold .7 liters and are freezable, as well as dishwasher safe.

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Back in Stock: Titanium Entry Card

Entry Card Titanium

Now back in stock, ITS Entry Cards are credit-card-sized lock pick cards and the titanium version features an inherently non-magnetic signature. The overall size of the cards makes them perfect for discreet carry.

These emergency lock pick cards are roughly the same size & thickness of a normal credit card and provide you with two identical sets of tools! With most lock pick cards, once you snap out the picks, you’re left without the same storage you once had.

With the ITS Entry Cards, you’ll have a set left over if you need to use one in an emergency situation. Whether it’s accidentally locking yourself out of the house, or just helping a friend, you’ll always have a way in.

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