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Vote for the next ITS Tactical Patch!

By The ITS Crew

itstacticalmulticampatch2It only took a few short weeks to completly sell out of our first batch of ITS Patches! We’ve had such a great response that we’ve decided to order up some patches in a Multicam color scheme.

Our friend MilSpecMonkey came up with three variants for the color scheme as shown in the image to the right, and we’d like YOU to decide which you like the best! Vote below!!

Place your vote below by Sunday, August 9th at 11:59 p.m. CT, and the winning color scheme will be ordered and available soon!

We’re also curious if there’s enough interest in getting more Tan/Grey and Black/White/Grey made up as well.

Let us know in the comments or with an email if you’re interested.

Stay tuned for an update!

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  • Favorite of the new 3 is #1 but they look great! I totally love the “first gen” patch I have as well. Keep the patches coming!

  • LM4300

    Recently bought a few MSM patches, they are quality items. ITS “chose wisely” picking him to produce yours

    • We can’t say enough great things about The Monkey!! ~ Bryan

  • LM4300

    Kindly disregard the atrocious grammar.

  • David.L

    I like #1 the best, the colors are very subtle. I wouldn’t put a patch with a skull on it on my bag, but this looks more like a mask… may pick it up.
    MSM’s ‘Molon Labe’ and US Flag patches are are about all I want to put on my bag normally.

    ‘Course, I don’t wear shirts with words on them either, so it kinda figures : )

    Nice blog by the way, I was browsing MilitaryMorons and I saw a link.

    • David,

      I feel the same way about shirts/logos with words on them. When I designed the ITS Tactical Logo I had that in mind.

      I wanted something that would stand on it’s own without requiring words to get across a message.

      We’ll be doing stickers and shirts at some point too, and we haven’t decided yet if we’ll have the ITS name on them or they will just be the logo.

      Thanks for the kind words!
      ~ Bryan

  • I like them all. Voted for 2 because the contrast looks sharp. I vote no words on anything in the future. Logo says it all. If you have to ask……

    • littleninja,

      I appreciate your comments. I’d like to put up a poll to see what the response would be to always just sticking with the logo (no words).

      “If you have to ask….” <– Love it!

  • littleninja71

    Sounds like a slogan in the works. Ummm wait…no words! Gotta love the irony!

    • Definitely! Great blog by the way, and thanks for the post about ITS!


  • littleninja71

    Thanks Bryan…more to come for certain on the blog. Will continue to promote this site everywhere. Great stuff, great info, no bias, NO BS!!…gotta love it!

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