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Welcome to the New ITSTactical.com – Responsive, Fully Featured and Awesome!

By The ITS Crew

Go ahead and poke around, kick the tires, see what’s different. We’re very proud of the newly redesigned ITS and have worked hard to continue to bring you our best and what we feel is the way you should experience our content from any device.

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that the main feature of the new ITS Tactical is infinite scroll. No longer will you need to click through page after page to get a preview of all our great content. If you aren’t sure exactly what you feel like reading at the moment, scrolling through past articles is a great way to visually see the content we’ve put out.

ITS T-Shirt 01

If you’re reading this on a phone or tablet, the layouts will be slightly different from that of the desktop, but our goal was to ensure you weren’t getting a watered down ITS Tactical. Everything on the desktop is available right on mobile without any need to adjust anything. Our new site is responsive and will dynamically adjust to fit your device. iPhone, iPad and Android will all look great without the need to download a separate mobile app.

Also on the homepage, we’ve given our popular Squawk Box content a more prominent position in the right hand column. This is a curated look at the cool photos, videos or random other things we come across in our time on the Internet and want to share with you. As you scroll to check out all the great content we have to offer, you’ll notice the header sticks with you, always giving you a way to get to specific pages, topics or even back to the top. Our drop-down navigation also displays previews of the first few articles in each category and the “more+” option takes you to the internal ITS pages where you can learn more about us.

Veterans Day

The navigation also provides an easy to access interface to log in as a member and get to all our membership content. While logged in, you’ll also notice that the site will continue to recognize you as a member throughout the different pages and articles, giving you quick access to the membership dashboard. Our search is now more robust and easier to find what you’re looking for. The compass icon to the right of the search magnifying glass features all the ways to keep up with us via social media, or sign up to have our updates delivered to your email inbox.

ITS Blow Out Kit 01

ITS Blow Out Kit 04

Our store has received a facelift as well, with category navigation and store updates that hide out of the way until you need them. We’ve also made our products easier to find, more visual and given you the ability to quickly scroll through everything to see what we offer.

ITS Blow Out Kit 08

ITS Blow Out Kit 03

There’s a few more tweaks we’ll be making to ensure you’re viewing everything perfectly and without any bugs that may need squashing. If you find any, be sure to leave them in the comments so we can take a look at them. If you have a solution on how to fix what you come across, shoot us an email and maybe we’ll swap you a patch for a patch! Get it? A [velcro] patch for a [bug fix] patch? We should all quit our day jobs and become comedians, right?

Feel free to explore and become familiar with the new ITS Tactical. It’s really a big departure from the old site and we’re excited about the capabilities we’ve integrated. Thank you to everyone that’s made this evolution of ITS possible, psst… that’s you! We appreciate all of your support in the past, present and as we continue to grow in the future.

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Thanks to the generosity of our supporting members, we’ve eliminated annoying ads and obtrusive content. We want your experience here at ITS to be beneficial and enjoyable.

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  • Looks VERY nice! great job guys.

  • Raven

    Very very nice! Love the infinite scroll and how the header stays with me on iPhone. Excellent job, crew.

  • Joshua

    A consequence of infinite scrolling is that the site footer is inaccessible. I had to scroll fast and time my click just right to follow the link to your designer’s site.

    Second, the icons in the top right corner or the header aren’t immediately obvious. A magnifying glass for search is easy to understand and I was able to guess that the silhouette would probably be for login (after thinking for a few seconds). The compass didn’t make sense until I clicked on it. Even after that the meaning isn’t intuitive to me. Some title text would at least expose the meaning of those dinbs to user’s on devices that support hover states.

  • Ken Bass

    I like it! Good job guys!

  • Russ Holmes

    Another outstanding job guys! I’m stoked with the new layout. Switching between laptop and iPad while traveling was a pain (but still worth it) now I could care less what I using to get on “our” awesome site!
    Keep up the great work!

  • Josiah Stacy

    I absolutely love the new platform. The accessibility on mobile platforms is fantastic. I do, however, have one suggestion: Change the indentation on comment replies, as the current format allows comment replies to be indented first into columns no wider than a single word, and then off the screen and completely unreadable. I will also note what Joshua has already done above: the info at the bottom of the page is inaccessible due to the infinite scrolling, though I would hate to see infinite scrolling sacrificed for a bit of info that can be neatly tucked away in another page. Thanks for all you do, ITS.

    • Josiah Stacy

      As an afterthought to my last remark, the footer can be seen on the “About” page already, so no need for any change there, I’d say.

  • Gage

    Great site guys!! Everything looks great but some of the older articles seem to have bugs with the text. I see some of them where the words look like the following- “I!love!this!site!and!thanks!to!all!the!contributors!.” Otherwise everything seems to be great. The home page can be a little comfusing for a bit just because it seems so crowded but after a bit it makes sense.

  • Love the new site!

  • chet

    I like some features of the new look,but the banner in the middle of the screen interferes with reading the page.
    Is there a way for me to get rid of it?

    • Hey Chet, which banner are you referring to, the small horizontal advertising banner that runs across at intervals as you scroll down the infinite scroll?

  • chet

    Bryan,I get a large banner with “Forums Shop” running across the page.
    I am using win 7 with the Firefox browser, if that matters.
    I just tried the FF add-on Addblock plus,that did not do much.
    I also use the FF add-on NoScript,but I allow this site.

  • JP

    No offense, but I don’t like the new design at all. It has completely ruined the site on my mobile devices. Even on the bigger screen of the ipad, there are so many frames and additional elements that its almost unreadable. On my (admittedly older) iPod touch, the pages stretch graphics and you can’t scroll down to the content. On both devices, the pages are slow to load, and I’ve had the site completely crash my browser more than once. I love your content, but I can’t get to it. Is there a way to disable the new theme on the user end?

    • @JP sorry that the site isn’t behaving for you. Have you tried switching from portrait to landscape on the iPad? The view is different based on orientation. Is your iPod touch updated to the latest software, that could be what’s affecting it. 
      That being said, we are still working out the bugs of moving to an entirely new platform that’s on the cutting edge of web design right now. It’s been quite the challenge to ensure it’s working as well as it can on as many modern devices as possible. Not that this is directed towards your iPad and iPod touch, but there are some platforms we’ve been unable to support, such as older versions of Internet Explorer. There just comes a time when to progress forward you have to leave those behind that don’t want to come along for the ride.
      I truly appreciate your feedback and this is what keeps our development moving forward. We don’t want to see anyone who is supporting our Website by visiting to have a bad experience and I apologize for the trouble you’ve had.
      In the short term, you might want to check out our RSS feed http://feeds.feedburner.com/ItsTactical it won’t allow you to view other elements of the site like the store, forum, etc., but it will allow you to check out the latest articles in their entirety.
      Thanks again,

    • JP

      bryanpblack Thanks for the follow-up. My iPod is update as far as it can be, but it sadly isn’t capable of iOS6. The iPad is updated (at least until iOS7 comes out) and my Android phone is running the latest and greatest, but it still has 2 bars permanently at the top of the screen which can get in the way. Thanks for the feedburner tip. I’ll give it a try.

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