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Want to Win a $25 ITS Tactical Gift Certificate? Show Us What You Carry! *Update*

By The ITS Crew

Mike's Pocket Dump

We want to see what you carry in your pockets, your wrist, your belt, your hat and pretty much anything that is always on your person. This doesn’t include your bag, even though we love showcasing those as well.

Past submissions have shown people carrying loads of random stuff. Nothing wrong with carrying what you do, but be honest. Most of us can spot a fake “look at this pile of awesome gear” pic when we see it. Actually, if you think people are going to call you out for not truly carrying what you say you carry, why not show “how” you carry it all too? That could help others modify their every day carry setup!

To enter, simply post a photo of what you carry with a brief description in our Forum. We’ll be checking on the submissions and selecting winners based on that pool.

To kick things off, here’s what Rob carries just about every day:

Rob's Every Day Carry Gear

The Breakdown

So that’s what Rob carries, but how about you?

Show What You Carry and Submit Your Entry To The Forum for Your Chance to Win!

We’re going to let this contest run for two months, so everyone has a chance to submit something awesome. Keep checking back on the site and the Forum for carry inspiration. Good luck!

Update: Thanks everyone for your submissions! There were a ton of great entries but we had to narrow it down to just two.

Winner #1 xmattedgex

EDC Contest Winner


Winner #2: mattlitzinger

EDC Contest Winner


Congrats to our winners and if you didn’t win this time, stay tuned for more contests in the future!

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