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Honor an American Patriot and Support the Chris Kyle Memorial Roping and Auction

By The ITS Crew

Chris Kyle Memorial Roping

Tickets are now on sale for the Chris Kyle Memorial Roping and Auction taking place February 7th through 9th in Hamilton, Texas. The weekend will feature a team roping competition, dinner, live and silent auction as well as special guest speakers and live music.

Chris had dreams of becoming both a cowboy and a Navy SEAL and through incredible dedication became both. He grew up in Texas riding bucking horses and working ranches and as soon as he got the opportunity to become a SEAL, he jumped at the chance giving it everything he had and graduated BUD/S with Class 233.

This memorial event marks his untimely and unfortunate death almost one year ago. Proceeds from the Memorial Roping and Auction will go directly towards helping United States Veterans in an organization that Chris was a part of, Base Camp 40.

Base Camp 40 – Warriors in the Wild took Military Veterans on hunting adventures all across the country as a way to bond and grow as brothers. After visiting Base Camp 40 in 2012, Chris told family and friends that “Getting into the country and wide open spaces was therapy above and beyond anything else he experienced since leaving the (SEAL) Teams.”

Event Details

Date: February 7 – 9, 2014

Location: Circle T Arena – Hamilton, TX

Tickets: Dinner tickets are limited and cost $250. Admission tickets for Live Music and Live Auction are $10 per person and will be available for purchase at the venue on Saturday February 8th. Team Roping attendance is Free for the entire weekend.

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  • Allwet

    If you cannot make it, think about hitting the link:http://www.bc40hunts.com/
    There is a donation prompt at the bottom of the page, help make things happen- easy as a keystroke.
    Have a good one-

  • Nikki

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  • Andrew the Paramedic

    I Still Think the Illuminati had Kyle killed. He was one of the Bin laden trigger-men, and following the helicopter (rpg takedown) that was full of the rest of the Devgru soldiers I’m sure it was a deal made with certain oilmen that made it happen. Down with NWO!

    • Mino1

      @Andrew the Paramedic Chris Kyle was not a trigger guy in the UBL raid. He was never part of DEVGRU.

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