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Do you Have What it Takes to Become a Human Weapon in Discovery Channel’s The Assailant?

By Bryan Black

While casting calls have been going on since late last year, we’ve just received an email from Discovery’s LA-based casting director for The Assailant to ask if we’d help spread the word that they’re still looking for contestants.

If you haven’t yet heard of The Assailant’s premise, it’s going to pit four physically fit contestants an episode in elite military mission re-enactments to see who will come out victorious. They’re looking for Navy SEALs,  Marines, SWAT, FBI, Firefighters, Police Officers, Rescue Workers, stuntmen/women  and anyone who thinks that they have what it takes to survive the adventure.

Interested applicants (over the age of 18)  that have always dreamed of being Jason Bourne can apply here.

While this is obviously a TV show and not how things would go down in real life, it’s great to see them looking for physically fit individuals. I’ve often had a problem with all those out there giving advice and showing what they know, when it’s obvious they couldn’t physically save themselves if their life depended on it.

Here’s to all the athlete’s out there defending our freedom!

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  • Ed

    Do they really think that those of us who conduct these operations in real life, will “try out” for this show, to have our mugs plastered all over the boob-tube. C’mon….some Hollywood crackpot is looking for another reality show. Now, I yield this one will be funny to watch.

  • Phil

    Maybe not active guys but there are certainly plenty of retired spec-ops & SWAT types out there that would probably love to give this show a try.

  • Reddog

    I have to agree with Ed. Seems unlikely that those who do it for a living could risk exposure. I wonder if they would put the fuzzy dot over the face of the real operators? I would love to be able to see the applications as they come in, though. It will be fun to check the resumes on some of these guys and see how much they embellished their past. Until then, I wonder if the show would be interested in a middleaged, slightly overweight, mostly out of shape former National Guardsman? I’m not that fast any more, but can write a heck of a resume.

  • RG

    The Discovery Channel has been good before in obscuring active operator’s identities when they come in to give demonstrations and first hand accounts. If this was NBC or a “reality show” hyping channel I would dismiss it outright, but Discovery (and more so NatGeo) has a good reputation for trying to give no BS insight into questions and hypothetical.

    It’s all in the approach and production company.

    • Tony

      Why wouldn’t a current member of some elite group like the CIA, military or law enforcement apply for this show? Who’s to say they have to actually say what they do? Why couldn’t an Army SF guy for example, just show up one day, and say he’s an MMA fighter or something? Trust me guys, there are many elite people around you every day, and you have no idea. You stand next to special forces guys at Meijer’s, you wait in line at the bank with SWAT cops, & your kids probably go to school with a CIA guy, or former member.
      A CIA guy could show up on that show, and noone would be any wiser…

  • Phil

    Once again, nothing in the article is saying that they’re looking for current/active duty members of the aforementioned professions, just people with that background. There are plenty of retired/recently discharged people with the appropriate background who would probably jump on the chance to do some of the stuff they used to, get paid decently for it, and not have to worry about being shot at while doing it.

    There was a show some years back with a similar premise during the height of the reality craze called Combat Missions and nobody was blurred out because all of the military, and maybe SWAT types, were all retired. The people on this show would probably be the same since I doubt any military personnel would spend their leave time filming a TV show or even be granted permission to do so since they would essentially be representing the military and it would likely be the same case for any SWAT types. Because depending on the format of the show, whether it’s just demos or competitive, there is the definite potential for participants to make themselves look like total jackasses and neither the military nor any PD would like that very much.

  • Christopher C.

    Is this another show or the show that is now One Man Army? Seems exactally the same. Just to help my own curiosity, if Brian or anybody wanted to shoot me an email with “ITS Comment” as the subject line and explain, I’d quietly appreciate it. Thank!

    (side note: if it is then we already know it’s not active SF/military personel competing albiet there are some active police/SWAT and contractors competing)

  • MCGunney2004

    By the description give on the site, “Army of One” is the same show because it is produced by the same production company. So it is a good show, it came on last night and I liked it. The show hosted by Mykel Hawke also plays on Man, Woman, Wild which is not bad either on the same network.

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