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Military Jury Finds SEAL Not Guilty

By The ITS Crew

The Associated Press is reporting that SO1 Huertas was found not guilty on charges of dereliction of duty and attempting to influence the testimony of another service member.

While these heroes shouldn’t even be on trial in the first place, this is wonderful news to wake up to this morning! One down, two to go.

Here’s some interesting information from the AP story:

Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Kevin DeMartino, who was assigned to process and transport the prisoner and is not a SEAL, testified he saw one SEAL punch the prisoner in the stomach and watched blood spurt from his mouth. Huertas and the third SEAL were in the narrow holding-room at the time of the incident, he added.

But defense attorneys tried to cast doubt on the beating claims, showing photographs of Abed after the alleged beating in which he had a visible cut inside his lip but no obvious signs of bruising or injuries anywhere else.

In her closing arguments, Huertas’ civilian attorney Monica Lombardi pointed to inconsistencies between DeMartino’s testimony and nearly every other Navy witness. She also reminded the jury of the terrorism charges against Abed, who is in Iraqi custody and has not yet been tried, saying he could not be trusted and may have inflicted wounds on himself as a way of recasting blame on American troops.

But prosecutor Lt. Cmdr. Jason Grover said DeMartino said the SEALs were itching to abuse Abed as payback for the killings of the Blackwater guards – two of whom were former SEALs.

Way to go MA3 DeMartino. The SEALs were itching to abuse Abed? There were inconsistencies in your testimony? Too bad the boys can’t take you over the berm and have a nice conversation with you. Maybe some day…

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  • santo

    Congrats !!

    Good luck for the other two !!

    From Portugal

    Best Regards

  • madwest

    I just woke up, this is great news!

  • Mike

    2 more to go!

  • flyahawk


  • santo

    …by the way…What would Dick Marcinko say about all this nonsense?!?

    Best Regards

  • George

    DeMartino will get what is coming to him.

  • Ratfink

    Im very happy for him to hear this i just hope he hasnt lost his motivation to fight because of some third class master at arms


      Rest assured that his motivation is intact. If he’s got the motivation to do boats-on-heads for five days straight, he’s got enough to get through this.

  • Mark Silkwood

    Great way to start the day!

  • Rob

    Guys I am so glad to hear this news! My dad is a 21 year Navy veteran and a few years ago he told me that his PT was off the charts for the SEALs but his ASVABs weren’t so he couldn’t join. I’ve always had plans of serving but after he told me that I decided I wanted to shoot for the SEALs, not only to honor him and the other SF veterans in my family, but because these guys are the unsung heroes of most of our military activity and I want to be apart of that elite group of men that smile at the sight of adversity and push forward to glory even when the odds are stacked against them, only to do it again and again without the smallest notion that it will be recognized. After reading books like The Finishing School by Dick Couch and Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell, it really shows just how much these guys do and how little we hear about it. This is the kind of man I aspire to be and how I want my future children to be able to live. I have a long way to go guys, any tips would help, wish me luck!!

  • George Miladinovic

    All I want to say is I was in A school with Demartino. After myself and a few fellow classmates had to practically carry him through a couple of evolutions of training, its safe to say we looked out for him. After being fired from a class leadership role and myself put in its place (which is petty shit) he decided to make false accusations of several bottles of liquor in my room and another classmate (One-way-admin-sep ticket). After immediate investigation the instructors deemed that we were falsely accused of a jealous classmate who was having a hard time coping with being away from home. I went to Coronado as an MA and he went to Norfolk; my friends in Norfolk told me several “snitch stories” this guy pulled and after being stationed where BUD/s is; meeting these operators on certain police calls from petty stuff like a fender bender towards keeping a badly written check history at the person’s immediate chain of command I will say this: The SEALs are a community of people who I have seen there for each other, baptise each others kids, grooms men at weddings, etc. Anyone (including myself) would have KILLED to go on a tour with them and experience their circle of trust….People like Demartino are the kids who get thrown a handgun on a holster at 20 years old in the Master at arms community and make the rest of us look terrible when they exercise too much abuse of authority. All I know is I remember Demartino with a knife in my back; and this: “What goes around comes around and now the entire country knows what a piece of shit pansy you really are”

  • Jon Doe

    “In light of the recent developements in the news, i felt compelled to write this in behalf of Petty Officer Kevin Demartino’s character. His name has been slandered and now its time to build him back up. I have known him for close to three years now, attending MA “A” school with him and being attached to NSA Norfolk, Virginia Security Precinct together for over two years. If anyone is to judge his character the way other media have and the general public have, it should be the shipmates that work beside him, not a person that has never filled his shoes. Never have i ever felt or saw that Petty Officer Dematino’s character to be flawed. He was and is the epitomy of a Master-at-Arms, holding Honor, Courage and Commitment to the fullest. Kevin continued to have unswerving devotion to duty in his actions every day in traning and at work. He was looked upon with great reguard by his subordinates and superiors alike. Not once have i known him to make a decision that would jeapordize lives, equipment or the mission. He was put into a position that nobody could come close to relate to. Should he side with a suspected terrorist and believe what has happened or should he side with his brothers in arms? It’s a tough decision to make and the only person that could have made that decision is himself. Kevin Demartino is a great man, sailor, master-at-arms and friend. I hope that after everything is said and done, his name will be exonerated and not slandered anymore. He is a human just like all of us, not a person to point the finger of blame. It is time to stop putting our Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Marines down and build them back up, Starting with Master-At-Arms 3rd Class Kevin Demartino.”

  • Chris W

    Wow i have just read everything that was on the page along with the person Jon doe i also worked with kevin i was his Boss at NSA Norfolk for 2 years he was one of the most honorable person i have known in a long time. if he said it happened then it happened. that is nothing to lie about and the people they should go back and have another look at is the Seals, yes they are the navy’s best but the navy is also good on covering up something like this and putting the blame on someone who reports it, well that happens to be kevin. and now his entire life is going to ruined because those three Seals. well done Seals! Dumbass’s!


    i believe that some of the higher raning people believe they may do whatever they want and get away with it! i believe Demartino stood up for what he believes is right without worrying bout what everyone says. i beleive more of the lower ranks should not be afraid to tell the truth and stand up for the honor and courage they are supposed to be standing for

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