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Navy SEALs Court Martialed for Bloody Lip

By Bryan Black

fallujahWe’ve never considered ourselves a News Web site, and try to stay away from political issues, but this is just something that hits way to close to home for us.

Hopefully you all remember the horrible incident depicted in this image, where four Blackwater contractors were ambushed by insurgents on March 31, 2004.

They were subsequently dragged from their vehicles, burned, paraded through the streets and strung up on this bridge across the Euphrates in Fallujah, Iraq.

In the news yesterday was an article about how Navy SEALs secretly captured and detained the mastermind of this ambush, Ahmed Hashim Abed.

Abed has told investigators that “He was punched in the face by his captors and had a bloody lip to prove it.” Now instead of being praised for the capture of Abed, three SEALs are facing assault charges.

All three have also chosen trial by court-martial over Admiral’s Mast. Admiral’s Mast isn’t a trial, but a ruling handed down from a commanding officer, in this case an Admiral.

I had this image posted up in my locker during training, to remind me of why I was doing what I was doing, and to see that punching someone in the face for masterminding a terrorist act has resulted in this kind of punishment is beyond words.

Yes, the government is hypersensitive to any kind of prisoner abuse after Abu Ghraib and other instances, but is this truly the way our heroes are treated for giving someone a bloody lip?

Read the Fox News article here.

Human Events Petition to Free the SEALs

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