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Trial Begins Today for Navy SEALs

By The ITS Crew

You may remember in November of last year, when we covered the despicable news that three Navy SEALs were being court martialed for giving terrorist Ahmed Hashim Abed a fat lip.

Today, the trials of SO2 Jonathan Keefe and SO1 Julio Huertas start at Camp Victory, Iraq. The third SEAL being charged, SO2 Matthew McCabe is also at Camp Victory to testify on their behalf. McCabe’s trial doesn’t start until May, and will be held in Norfolk, VA.

Here’s a relevant video from Fox and Friends with former Navy SEAL Scott Taylor, who’s running for Congress in Virginia. We’d urge anyone in Virginia, or wanting to support a true candidate for Congress, to head over to his Website to learn more.

Hopefully the government will pull their heads out of their asses and dismiss these ridiculous charges. This all happened because Abed pulled a line right out of the al-Qaeda playbook, complained of misconduct, a Master-at-Arms thought there was another Abu Ghraib going on and reported it.

We’ll definitely be waiting for the verdict…

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  • JLS

    This is the kind of thing that really gets under my skin. You have 3 US Navy Seals capturing an HVT like Ahmed Hashim Abed “Objective Amber” and when he gets a little bloody lip everyone goes nuts. This is ridiculous…this man was responsible for planning the attack the four Blackwater agents were transporting supplies for a catering company when they were ambushed and killed by gunfire and grenades. Insurgents burned the bodies and dragged them through the city. They hanged two of the bodies on a bridge over the Euphrates River for the world press to photograph. — But yet we’re going to trial 3 Navy Seals who captured the guy for a fat lip…

    If the verdict doesn’t come back favorable then it’s going to leave a wide open door for many others.

  • NVSpartan

    This trial is revenge on the SEALS for the killing three Somali pirates. Someone in the higher levels of government was very unhappy when the snipers saved an American’s life by actually using deadly force.

    “Gosh! We didn’t think you guys would take us seriously when we said you could kill them!”

  • Chuck Cannon

    What has happened to our country? These three American heroes were doing exactly what they were trained to do — stop the bad guys and find out any information that could be used to save the lives of coalition forces. It seems as if our whole system of justice has turned into a witch hunt to see how many service members can be put on trial. It’s a war, not a tea!

  • Madnet

    It’s typical of todays liberal society. Citizens are so enraged by the terrorist destruction of the WTC, but when you send a professional force to combat terrorists they want you to be PC and handle these thugs with “Kit gloves”. The liberals have no concept of taking the fight to them before they bring it to our homeland again! Support our SPEC OP community and let them do the job they are trained to do well. How about sending Pelosi over to the middle east and let them have there way with her…..that would eliminate some of our problems!!!!

  • Mike

    I understand where you guys are coming from on this. The disconnect between the actions of the Seals and of Ahmed Hashim Abed and the punishments associated with their actions seems unfair to say the least. However, this issue is not a political one. This is not a witch hunt, nor is it the result of a liberal conspiracy. It is a military court martial convened to try three SEALs for violating the Uniform Code of Military Justice regulations regarding the treatment of prisoners in American custody.

    “Chapter 1, Section 1-5c. All persons will be respected as human beings. They will be protected against all acts of violence to include rape, forced prostitution, assault and theft, insults, public curiosity, bodily injury, and reprisals of any kind. They will not be subjected to medical or scientific experiments. This list is not exclusive. EPW/RP are to be protected from all threats or acts of violence.”

    Perhaps it seems unfair that the SEALs are being court martialed for assault while Ahmed Hashim lounges in a cell despite mutilating American corpses. I think we can all agree that Ahmed Hashim should face the firing squad for what he did, but he will do that in accordance with the regulations. That means he will receive a trial and be given the opportunity to defend himself. This might seem unfair because of the atrocities he committed against Americans who were given no due process. In this case, fairness does not enter into it. The United States Armed Services hold their men and women to a higher standard than the insurgents in Iraq do. This means that we treat our prisoners with dignity to demonstrate support for the rule of law. The protection of prisoners in our custody regardless of their crimes is one of the many ways in which American soldiers are supposed to be superior to the lawless scum they fight. By violating these standards, the three SEALs – who, despite the trial, should be considered heroes for their work – put that superiority at risk, and they did it for no real purpose.

  • Skuzzy G

    So just a quick reminder of Marcus Luttrell’s “Lone Survivor”… The taliban kicked in the door, beat the shit out of him after he had fallen all the way down a couple mountain sides…. and Marcus didnt get a military trial for his beatings… O wait thats right… Our country trys to kill our own. Hey Mr President how about you stand up and defend the warriors that are allowing you to stay in office.

    I may be in the “Chair Force” but I at least know that my fellow brothers in the Navy, Army, and Marines know what the hell their doing… And I for sure will stand by you any day. Keep doing what your doing guys!

  • Reddog

    I, for one, would like the name, rank, and branch of the “hero” that authorized this obvious miscarriage of justice. Obvioulsy never been close to the heat.


      Although the following individual didn’t authorize this atrocity to proceed, he certainly appears to be the pivotal point in the case. His name is Petty Officer 3rd Class Kevin DeMartino, Navy. Gotta love the determination with which a 3rd class bean counter can save his own ass. Sailor of the month!

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