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New Triple Aught Design Force 10 Cargo Shorts Released

By Bryan Black

I just noticed that Triple Aught Design just released their new Force 10 Cargo Shorts in NYCO Ripstop today, so I picked up pair in both colors they offer. I’m looking forward to checking them out, as I’ve never owned a pair of their shorts before and the boss allows us to wear shorts to work here at ITS HQ.

I’ve been a fan of TAD’s clothing for quite awhile and own a pair of their Force 10 Cargo Pants. Check out the new shorts if you’re interested, but do it quickly. They recently released their Amphibious Cargo Shorts and broke a Kessel Run record with how fast they sold out!

The Force 10 Cargo Shorts are made in the USA and can be purchased direct from Triple Aught Design.

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  • Jeremy Rosencranz

    Awesome. Nice Star Wars reference.

  • Jose Soto

    Almost out of stock. They didn’t have my size.

  • David Knuth

    Awesome, more coverage for a company that makes their crap in china and overcharges people for their products. COmpanies like this disgust me.

    • saimin

      Actually, TAD makes most of their clothing in the United States, in the East Bay Area (SF). It’s their expensive tech shells and wool pieces that are made in China. If you ever get a chance to go into one of their stores, the staff is very friendly and chatty even if you decide not to buy a $200 fleece.

  • Alobo

    Nice gear but good luck getting any sold out in one hour my size

  • It’s great when the boss is easy on the dress code ; )

  • Looking forward to reading your review! I have a pair of TAD tac pants on its way. Can’t wait to check it out.

  • Madnet

    I utilize alot of TAD gear’s products. Thier Ranger Hoddies and fastpack are awesome. They are staunch supporters of the MILLE community and HAD a rep working for them that would always give us a heads up about release dates. Since the rep has left, good luck getting thier products, which are quickly out of stock. I get thier newsletter on a Friday via e-mail and by Monday they are sold out of the new releases. I waited a year for thier Force 10 pants. As soon as they advertised them, they were out of my size when I called to make an order. That being said, although they have outstanding US made products, and great staff, they fall short on having stock on hand!!!! But, TAD puts out a great product, too bad they quit looking out for MILLE’s!!!!

  • I’ve bought a lot of TAD Gear clothing and gear over the years. The shorts are awesome! When this latest batch sold out so quickly they immediately announced via their Facebook page that they would be providing many more later this summer.

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