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Triple Aught Design Founder Patrick Ma Separates From Company

By Bryan Black

I’m disheartened to hear the news today of Patrick Ma separating from Triple Aught Design, the company he founded in 1997. The press release states the reason for the break as “unresolved disputes with the two remaining managers… Brett Eisenberg and David Cahill,” who along with Patrick, formed the entity known as Triple Aught Design, LLC in August of 2010.

Patrick Ma

As the founder of my own company, it’s always hard to read of another company’s founder leaving the project they got off the ground and grew from humble beginnings.


I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for what Patrick has built in this industry and all that he’s accomplished and continues to accomplish.

Patrick’s passion, ingenuity and focus on design has been an inspiration for me as I’ve grown ITS through the years. From his innovative product designs to Rocket World Vinyl Toys that litter my desk, Kelly and I are proud to call Patrick, Polly, Archer, Griff and their newest son Wolfe, friends.

We look forward to supporting Patrick in all that the future holds, including his new Creative Director position at MOTUS.


“We have one life in this world, so do good, have the strength to fight for what is right, live and laugh with those who you love and cherish, follow your heart and intuition, and have the courage to blaze the new trails that you are proud to call your own.” ~ Patrick York Ma, 2013

To view the original press release from 8/29/13, please click here.

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