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Triple Aught Design Founder Patrick Ma Separates From Company

By Bryan Black

I’m disheartened to hear the news today of Patrick Ma separating from Triple Aught Design, the company he founded in 1997. The press release states the reason for the break as “unresolved disputes with the two remaining managers… Brett Eisenberg and David Cahill,” who along with Patrick, formed the entity known as Triple Aught Design, LLC in August of 2010.

Patrick Ma

As the founder of my own company, it’s always hard to read of another company’s founder leaving the project they got off the ground and grew from humble beginnings.


I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for what Patrick has built in this industry and all that he’s accomplished and continues to accomplish.

Patrick’s passion, ingenuity and focus on design has been an inspiration for me as I’ve grown ITS through the years. From his innovative product designs to Rocket World Vinyl Toys that litter my desk, Kelly and I are proud to call Patrick, Polly, Archer, Griff and their newest son Wolfe, friends.

We look forward to supporting Patrick in all that the future holds, including his new Creative Director position at MOTUS.


“We have one life in this world, so do good, have the strength to fight for what is right, live and laugh with those who you love and cherish, follow your heart and intuition, and have the courage to blaze the new trails that you are proud to call your own.” ~ Patrick York Ma, 2013

To view the original press release from 8/29/13, please click here.

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  • ryan

    um wow those prices on     000     no thanks

  • Bobby Sands

    Is this really news that your readers are interested in? I don’t think so. 
    Please, ITS Tactical folks, don’t get too focused on gear and definitely don’t get too focus on “the industry.”  Let the other gear blogs do that.  Keep ITS Tactical truly TACTICAL!

    • JasonNestor

      @Bobby Sands Really? Do yourself a favor and keep your opinion to yourself…

    • @Bobby Sands I can appreciate your opinion, but with all that Patrick has done to shape the Industry into what it is today, I wanted to let everyone know what he was up to and support him in what the future holds.

    • JCrist

      @Bobby Sands I would be very surprised if this was a prevailing opinion of readers on ITS.  For those who spend good money on gear, it’s good to know the backstories.  To call this newsworthy to me, an ITS LIfemember, Muster 1 participant (with members of the TAD crew), and gear junkie, would be a tremendous understatement.

  • davedennett

    Thanks for sharing this. I am a huge fan of I.W.G, Patricks spin off under Rocket World and am also disheartened to hear of his departure from TAD. Hopefully Rocket World will reemerge with new energy and maybe even some cool gear. I thought the “creature hoodies” were awesome! 
    In contrast to the earlier poster – please do continue to focus on the “Industry”. It’s a small community after all. 
    aka The Tactical Traveler

    • davedennett Thanks for your thoughts Dave.

  • docwatson223

    My experience with TAD in Afghanistan was entirely negative. I hope Ma’s departure will signal a better customer service, product quality, and product diversity.

  • yankee_of_LongBeach

    i liked the article.  this type of data adds value to its tactical website.  i would rather go to its tactical to get all the pertinent software AND hardware AND industry info than 9 other sites, (i dont have to verify with itstactical, you’ve earned my trust)   keep up the good work.

  • jefferytabor

    Thanks for posting…I didn’t know this.  I really like the high quality of the TAD gear and it is pricy but my main beef with TAD is the lack of inventory. I waited about two months just to order the TAD logo t-shirt in Med. It’s just too easy to get a tactical jacket, pants or a pack in the size that you need from Arc’teryx, 5.11 or several other companies.

  • 656delta

    I’ve known Patrick personally for a few years now. He’s a good dude, a man you can you could trust with your life. I’ll never forget what he once said, “The day that making money becomes more important than the needs of my customers is the day I walk away from the whole thing.” That’s something he told me as a friend, while tipping back a couple of cold ones, not as a salesman trying to sell me a jacket. Patrick was the heart of T.A.D., and quite the big one; even his original employees will tell you that. Without Patrick the company will meet its demise, especially with the two clowns running it now. Pat cared about the end-user, literally care about who would walk into harm’s way with his gear on, which is why it was expensive, because you get what you pay for. The clowns who took ownership of T.A.D. now do not. I will follow Patrick into the darkness he’s been left in, because he would do the same for others. After all he’s done to revolutionize the industry with new designs, good customer service, and life-long friendships because of his positive energy, it’s time for the industry to help support him. Doc Watson, I’m sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with T.A.D. while on deployment. I was in the Army for ten years as an 11-Charlie, and I know what it means to have good gear, and so does Patrick, who also served as an 11-Bravo. I doubt what happened to you had anything to do with Patrick, and more to do with what the company had become once those other two got involved with it three years ago.

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