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Operation Outpost: Improving Quality of Life for Those on the Front Lines

By Bryan Black

I’m stoked today to announce that Operation Outpost is LIVE! If you haven’t heard of the awesome resource that is Op Outpost, allow me to fill you in.

I first heard about the project when Brent Piatti, President of Op Outpost, and I were talking on Twitter late last year. The project was just getting off the ground and the Website was under construction.

All I knew about Op Outpost is that it was going to be a resource for our troops downrange to be able to buy, sell, trade, and receive donated items that would in turn help to increase their quality of life overseas.

Little did I know how much I would become involved in the project…

My Involvement

Since getting out of the Navy back in 2006 I’ve owned and operated my own Web design business, Bryan Black Design, which you might have seen linked in the footer of ITS Tactical. I don’t talk much about it because it really hasn’t been applicable to the topics we present here.

I was contacted by Brent a few months back to see if my company would be available to help them complete the Op Outpost Website. Of course I really wanted to help out with the project, but we were a few months out on being able to have the time to help them. Trust me when I say that I wanted to drop our current projects to be able to have a hand in creating something that we know is going to directly benefit the morale of our brothers fighting the good fight.

To make a long story short, we were able to help Op Outpost on the design and implementation of their Website and my anticipation has been building for the day when I could start talking about it!

Operation Outpost

Op Outpost offers so much to not only the tactical community, but to everyone downrange! Our troops now have a place to post the things they need in Operation Outpost’s wanted section, as well as sell their unwanted gear, electronics, clothing, etc. in the Classifieds.

As Patriots, we can respond to our soldier’s requests and contact them to send out what they need. We can also post items we have for donation and directly communicate with the troops that need what we’re offering. Of course the Classifieds option is available to everyone as well.

If you remember back a few months on ITS Tactical, we’ve been trying to establish a way to directly get Those Fighting the Good Fight the gear they need and how to come up with a good solution to do so. Operation Outpost provides that solution. We’re going to start donating what we can here at ITS each month on Operation Outpost and encourage everyone to do the same.


As a disclaimer, ITS is in no way affiliated with Operation Outpost and we don’t have anything to gain by referring you over there. It’s the guys downrange that have everything to gain by this awesome resource.

While my Web design company provided services to Op Outpost, I’m not involved personally beyond that. In fact Operation Outpost is and will always be free for everyone to post donations and our troops to post requests.

The Classifieds section is free until the end of the year and afterward will become $1 per 90-day listing. They’re truly doing this for our troops and we hope that everyone that reads this will consider heading over utilizing this great resource.

Please help support Operation Outpost and those fighting the good fight!

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