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Police Departments Adopting TCCC Principles and Issuing Trauma Kits!

By Bryan Black

This article pulls at my heart strings and it’s one I’m proud to be writing today. Our local Fort Worth Police Department has recently instituted a Tactical Lifesaver Program based on TCCC protocols and has even started issuing personal trauma kits to all their officers who have gone through the training.

In the four years I’ve been running ITS Tactical, I’ve talked to countless members of our local Police departments who have told me time and time again that they’re issued nothing when it comes to medical supplies and are solely dependent on EMS to save them in a life threatening situation.

While I’ve given out countless ITS ETA Trauma Kits to those I know in the line of duty that have nothing that they don’t purchase on their own, there’s only so much I can do outside of continuing to spread the word about the importance of having life saving equipment available when you need it. Whether that’s in the line of duty or as a civilian taking the bus to work.

Here’s a couple of great videos from the Fort Worth Police Department about a HALO Chest Seal saving a life, as well as a video just released today about an officer shot in the line of duty that was able to self apply a Tourniquet to stabilize himself before EMS arrived on scene.

Something those that aren’t familiar with EMS protocols should know, is that most EMS won’t even enter a scene until the shooting has stopped and deemed clear and safe.

How long does it take to bleed out? Compare that to the average EMS response time and you’ll see why it’s so important to have life saving equipment at the ready. For those of you that carry a gun on a daily basis, you know how to take a life, but do you know how to save one? It just might be your own that you’re saving.

A heartfelt thank you for Tony Coltrin pointing today’s FWPD incident out to me, stay safe brother!

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